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Nazis hack CD company's computers and swap Hitler Youth anthems with Christmas carols

Neo-Nazis hacked into a computer putting carols on to CDs for Christmas - and replaced them with hate-filled Hitler Youth anthems.

Families woke up across Germany on Christmas Day to play what they thought were religious melodies - and instead got tunes including The Rotten Bones Are Trembling, the official anthem of the Nazi youth movement.

Its lyrics run: 'We will continue to march/ Even if everything shatters/ Because today Germany hears us/ And tomorrow, the whole World!'

A line in another, Germany Awake!, reads: 'We are the fighters of the NSDAP/ True Germans in heart, firm and tough in our struggle.

'To the Swastika, devoted are we/ Hail our leader, Hail Hitler to thee!'

The NSDAP was the National Socialist German Workers Party - from its German initials, Nazi.

The most shocking tune copied on to the CDs was Blood Must Flow, which runs: 'Sharpen the long knives on the pavement/ let the knives slip into the Jew's body/ Blood must flow, a whole lot of it/ and we s*** on the freedom of this Jew Republic.'

All such songs, along with symbols of Nazism such as the swastika and the lightning flashes of the dreaded SS, have been banned in Germany since the end of the war.

Some 50,000 of the Christmas carol CDs were sent to households in Germany by the SOS Children's Villages charity.

Roger Damm, spokesman for the organisation, said it seemed that the computer which recorded them had been hacked by a neo-Nazi group.

'We have had many complaints that we were spreading Nazi hate propaganda,' he added.

An investigation has been launched into incitement to hatred by prosecutors in Munich.

The Hitler Youth was founded by Hitler in the 1920s to indoctrinate the country's young into Nazi ideals and beliefs.

When the war came in 1939, hundreds of thousands of young men had already passed through its ranks straight into the army.

Credit: Daily Mail

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