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Greeks rally against racism

This is the newly established headquarters of Golden Dawn, Greece's far-right party, composed of Nazi-sympathizers. The Golden Dawn’s members were voted into parliament in Greece’s 2012 elections.

And these are the thousands of Greeks who want to march towards that location. They say the recent surge in hate crimes is mostly provoked by the Golden Dawn members and affiliates, while they accuse police of turning a blind eye to racist violence.

This week Golden Dawn members demonstrated outside a clinic run by the group Doctors Without Borders in the crisis-stricken district of Perama that treats the poor, uninsured migrants. They intimidated the doctors, staff and patients there.

Earlier, the secretary general and members of the Golden Dawn have held met at the party’s parliamentary office with Sebastian Maus and Matthias Fischer, leaders of one of Germany’s most influential Neo-Nazi organizations, Freies Netz Süd. The photographs enraged several MPs who reacted against the presence of German Neo-Nazis inside the House of Parliament.

Only a few days ago, a teenager was stabbed by his classmates when he voiced his opposition to racism and hate crimes against migrants. It turned out his fellow students were young Golden Dawn recruits. Teachers in Greece are highly concerned about the party's propaganda infiltrating the schools.

Are the police protecting Golden Dawn? Perhaps this is a question worth being raised, as the police are blocking the protesters’ way to the party's headquarters.

Credit: Press TV

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