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Greek Neo Nazi group now bothering Macedonian tourists

Members of right-wing extremist party "Golden Dawn" have patrolled the Greek-Macedonian border in recent days, checking whether Macedonian vehicles have "appropriate designations" for the country they come from, Greek media report.

According to "Skai", "Proto Thema" and "NewsNow", "Golden Dawn" members stood alongside Greek customs officers and police, checking if vehicles from Macedonia have the special sticker 'fyrom" issued by Greek Customs upon entry in Greece. They do not state the name of the border crossing in question.

A Solun prosecutor has asked for a preliminary investigation over reports, in order to determine if there are grounds for criminal responsibility.

Golden Dawn has taken over the policing of Athens in recent months and is functioning with immunity, attacking people who they think are immigrants or foreigners.

Credit: MINA

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