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Far right Golden Dawn launches child indoctrination courses

Courses of “national awakening” in children aged 6 to 10 years, in the presence of their parents, are being run by the far-right party of the Golden Dawn in Greece.

According to an official party announcement, on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the offices of the Golden Dawn in Artemis Attica the first “Conformation of Children” was held. About 20 children with their parents attended the meeting.

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The children watched “educational videos” and participated in a panel discussion on “the birth of the ancient world, the Olympian gods and the Christian faith”, stated the Golden Dawn website.

The site added that the initiative was the first of many to be organized “in an effort to regenerate the Greek spirit.”

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On January 31, the website of a local organization of the Golden Dawn party posted a text by George Georgalas, first published in 1967, about the value and importance of childhood indoctrination.

In the text, the author indicates that the age between 6 and 10 years is “appropriate for the child to plant a model” and to “create the trends, tendencies, ideals through fiction.”

Credit: Euronews

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