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Far right French nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen 'had a homosexual experience with another politician'

Far-right French nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen had a homosexual experience with another politician, a new book reveals.

The revelation about the fiercely macho 84-year-old Roman Catholic will come as a huge shock to millions of National Front supporters who have voted for him over the years.

Le Pen, who came close to becoming president of France in the early 2000s, was said to have been close to Andre Labarerre, the former MP and mayor of Pau.

Labarerre claimed to have had a ‘tender initiation into pleasure between men’ with Mr Le Pen in the 1970s.

A decade later, Le Pen wrote a love letter to his special friend, saying: ‘In memory of our delicious moments spent together.’

Le Pen, in turn, denies any homosexual experiences, saying Mr Labarerre ‘fantasised’ about him.

The revelations are contained in 'Le Pen, a French Story' by investigative writers Pierre Pean and Philippe Cohen.

The book suggests that Le Pen is ‘no Mussolini’, saying that claims he tortured prisoners during the Algerian War for independence were a myth.

Instead, Mr Le Pen is portrayed as a poseur who never read had any interest in winning power – only hard cash.

‘His taste for money led him to become particularly interested in old people, often old women,’ says the book.

It alleges Le Pen got close to Solange Leonet, a 75-year old chemist from Sens, who handed him 12000 in notes at a party meeting in nearby Auxerre, Burgundy in 1984.

From then on Le Pen would ‘frequently travel to Sens to receive his brown envelope, or even gold bars towards the end of the chemist's life,’ often in a helicopter.

The book claims that while Mr Le Pen has stepped down as party leader, he continues to seek to ‘divide and rule’ by pitting his daughter Marine against his granddaughter Marion.

‘Seeing Marine moving out of his control, Le Pen decided to put Marion in her path,’ says the book.

Despite being a convicted racist and anti-Semite, Le Pen received a standing ovation at a World Jewish Congress in New York in 1987 after calling for the PLO office in Paris to be shut down, the book reveals.

Mr Pen was tonight on holiday in the Caribbean and unavailable for comment.

Credit: Daily Mail

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