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Democratic Coalition moves to ban Jobbik from Parliament

The leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) is seeking the support of parliamentary parties in moving to ban the radical nationalist Jobbik party.

Csaba Molnar told a press conference on Monday that his party would submit a set of proposals to parliament in order to banish anti-Semitic and racist views from parliament. DK will also initiate a ban on radical nationalist Jobbik with the public prosecutor, Molnar said.

Thousands demonstrated over the weekend against remarks made by Marton Gyongyosi, a lawmaker for Jobbik, which holds 44 seats in parliament.

The proposal also calls on the government to revoke the constitution, arguing that it declared March 1944 as the time when the rule of law broke down in Hungary, but Jewish laws predated that. DK said this is unacceptable.

The proposal would also act against naming public spaces after or erecting public statues of anti-Semitic politicians or artists. It also calls on the government to delete “anti-Semitic authors” from the national reading school curriculum.

It calls on parliamentary parties to refrain from cooperation with Jobbik, to ignore their proposals in committees and to vote against them in the house. Similar action was recommended by the party in local governments.

The proposal would ban uniformed demonstrations which raise fear.


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