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Aryan Gary Yarbrough Stays in Prison

On Saturday, January 17, at the United States Embassy in the heart of London, 33 white nationalists rallied in support of Gary Yarborough, an imprisoned member of the white supremacists apparatus known as The Order.

The Order sought to establish a white “homeland” in the Pacific Northwest, and in 1983 they went on a bank robbing, bombing and murderous spree that lasted until 1985. That year, Yarborough and nine other Order soldiers were convicted of criminal racketeering in Seattle and sentenced to long prison sentences.  Eleven others pled guilty, and several of those became federal witnesses. Because of mistakes made by the Colorado criminal justice system, no one was ever convicted of state murders charges in the shooting death of Denver radio talk host Alan Berg, although members of the Order gunned him. A federal civil rights trail in the Berg murder was a split verdict.  Further, Order members, including Yarborough, were charged with seditious conspiracy and were tried, but not convicted, in Ft. Smith, Arkansas in 1988.

At the London rally, the British anti-fascist magazine Searchlight identified an organizer for the London Forum and members of Heritage and Destiny among the pickets. There is also the flag of the World Church of the Creator among Yarbrough’s supporters.  Last year, the one-time Order soldier had his parole date pushed back to 2025, after it was discovered that writing bearing his name had appeared on a couple of white nationalist websites. Yarbrough contended that he did not have contact with those groups, however, although he still maintains that white people should move to the Pacific Northwest.

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Tide is turning for Pegida

The expected rift in the anti-immgration movement in Germany began or became visible yesterday. After a concerted series of very large and determined counter-demonstration and a media onslaught, the numbers attending the Pegida rally in Leipzig (called Legida) signalled a peeling off of thousands of looser supporters, possibly appalled by the growing virulence of some of the leaders. As reported in the press, the main spokesman Bachmann threw in the towel after his selfie posing as Hitler went viral on the net. His co-organisers, including Kathrin Oertel who I wrote about elsewhere, closed ranks against the damaging leader whose views most marchers would reject and find offensive.
To make things worse for them, after the boast about being able to mobilise 60,000 for yesterday evening's rally in Leipzig, only around 15,000 actually appeared. And these were outnumbered by a 19 counter demos. Leftwing groups prevented the importation of rightwingers from Dresde n by barricading autobahn approach roads and setting fire to dumpsters on the main railyway line. A tight counter demo also built a knot at the exit to the railway station, preventing travellers from joining the  Legida demo.

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Against Real Fascists: Remembering Stas Markelov & Nastya Baburova

Well-known human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov and 25-year-old Anastasia Baburova who was finishing journalism studies and working for Novaya Gazeta were gunned down in Moscow on January 19, 2009. Traditional meetings in their memory are of particular poignancy in Ukraine, not only because Nastya Baburova was herself from Sevastopol in the Crimea, but due to the relentless Kremlin warmongering propaganda in the last year about supposed ‘fascist hordes’ in Ukraine. Both Markelov and Baburova were committed to fighting far-right terror and died at the hands of Russian neo-Nazis.

It was Markelov’s work that most annoyed nationalists, however he had made plenty of other enemies, defending victims of rights abuse in Chechnya, of police violence and many others. In Jan 2009 he was representing the family of Ella Kungaeva, the 18-year-old Chechen girl raped and murdered by Russian colonel Yury Budanov. Baburova, who was probably shot because she was with him, had met Markelov to interview him about his work and the Budanov case.

against real fascists

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Pretty radical: a young woman's journey into the heart of Poland's far right – video

The Guardian follows 19-year-old Paulina, who joins Poland's far-right National Radical Camp. She is quickly selected as a candidate in local elections because she's 'a pretty young woman' who might improve the image of a organisation thought to be full of 'bald hooligans vandalising the city'. What drew her to join the nationalist group in the first place? Will anything make her question her loyalty to them?

Credit: The Guardian

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Golden Dawn Prepares Election Campaign in Greek Jail

A Greek appeals prosecutor has refused to let the Golden Dawn members currently in jail take a furlough in order to participate in their party’s political campaign for the upcoming January 25 elections.

The request has been submitted by Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos, Christos Pappas, Ilias Kassidiaris, Giorgos Germenis and Yiannis Lagos. In their appeal, the extreme-right politicians stated that it was not possible to conduct an election campaign if the leader and members of a political party are imprisoned. Furthermore, they did not fail to “remind everyone that all the members who signed the appeal will be taking part in the elections in their respective constituencies.”

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