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‘Train of the Living’ to memorialize 70th anniversary of deportation of Hungarian Jews

To mark the 70th anniversary of the mass deportation and murder of over 585,000 Hungarian Jews during World War II, hundreds of high school students from across the globe will travel by train from Budapest to Auschwitz, where they will join 10,000 other students to march to Birkenau.

The four-day event, organized by International March of the Living to memorialize Holocaust Remembrance Day, will begin Friday in Hungary, which is ranked among the most anti-Semitic nations in Europe.

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Victim Gives Shocking Testimony About Vicious Fascist Attack

A 17-year-old student who was stabbed, allegedly by Golden Dawn supporters, while walking to school in January 2013 in Palaio Faliro, Athens, gave his shocking statement to Greek authorities on Tuesday.

“The person who attacked me was wearing a hoodie, but his face was not covered. I never saw the knife. The doctor told me he was sure that the object I was attacked with was sharp,” said the young victim.

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April 21: The Day of The Colonels and The Junta

April 21 is a day most Greeks remember with fear. It was 47 years ago, just weeks before scheduled elections, that a coup of far right-wing military officers seized power and plunged the country into seven years of dictatorial repression and international condemnation.

The officers, led by Brigadier General Stylianos Pattakos and Colonels George Papadopoulos and Nikolaos Makarezos, conducted a junta that led to scores of thousands of their fellow countrymen becoming targets, with many jailed, tortured or killed.

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The Real Truth About Those Anti-Semitic Flyers in Donetsk

The world has roared with indignation at the anti-Semitic flyers distributed by masked-men outside a synagogue in Donetsk, in Eastern Ukraine. The flyers ordered local Jews to register with the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic, in light of the fact that Jewish leaders in Kiev supported the Ukrainian “junta”. Since the Donetsk People’s Republic controls all of two government buildings that were seized by pro-Russian forces a week earlier, the flyers were mainly an act of political theatre. The intent was to frighten and intimidate Jews, not to register them. And perhaps to spark anti-Semitic sentiments among other local inhabitants.

The authorship of the flyers is hotly disputed. Denis Pushilin, the head of the People’s Republic whose name appears on the flyers, as the person ordering the registration, has repeatedly denied issuing them. He claims the flyers were a provocation by Ukrainian fascists, in order to discredit the pro-Russian movement. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk has condemned the flyers, as has the right wing Ukrainian party “Svoboda” — a first, since “Svoboda” has a long history of anti-Semitism. The Ukrainians contend that the flyers are what they appear to be, the work of Russian separatists. There is no hard evidence either way, so the public is confused. A heinous act was perpetrated, but by whom?

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Russian Nationalist Politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky Orders Aides To 'Violently Rape' Pregnant Reporter Stella Dubovitskaya

A pro-Kremlin politician apparently yelled at his aides to "violently rape" a pregnant journalist who had asked him about sanctions against Ukraine.

Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky is seen to wave his arms wildly at the Russia Today journalist Stella Dubovitskaya, who asked a seemingly innocuous question about whether Russia should reciprocate that has been implemented against Russian men in the Ukraine, according to RT.

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