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Orgreave campaigners tell BNP boss to get lost

Campaigners demanding a public inquiry into a brutal attack on workers in the 1984-5 miners' strike told fascist British National Party boss Nick Griffin to get lost today.

The Sheffield-based Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign wants an investigation into police behaviour at the Orgreave cokeworks in South Yorkshire in June 1984.

South Yorkshire Police have referred the issue to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which campaigners say goes nowhere near far enough.

Mr Griffin has attempted to cash in on the campaign by making a statement in support.

The group responded with a swift rejection.

They said in a statement: "It has been drawn to our attention that the fascist BNP's leader Nick Griffin has voiced support for the campaign for a public inquiry into violent police action at Orgreave cokeworks during the 1984-85 miners' strike.

"We wish to make it unequivocally clear that Griffin and his BNP are anti-trade union and enemies of the miners and the organised working class.

"His support for our campaign is unwanted, unwelcome and totally rejected."

Credit: Morning Star

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