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EDL forges ahead with city demo over 'super mosque'

The English Defence League (EDL) is “pleased” a planned Cambridge mosque is environmentally friendly as details of its protest against it are revealed.

But the bizarre praise for the proposed place of worship in Mill Road is in marked contrast to the reasons for the demonstration – which is to stop it being built.

And the city’s Muslim community has warned Islamic youth to stay away from the EDL protest which it branded “deplorable”.

The East Anglian branch of the EDL plans to stage the protest on Christ’s Pieces on Saturday, the News can reveal.

An EDL spokesman said: “It is the intention of the EDL to demonstrate in opposition to the planned ‘super mosque’ in Cambridge on February 23 on Christ’s Pieces at 2pm.

“We would like to reassure the residents of Cambridge that we are not coming to cause disruption but merely to highlight the silenced opposition to the building of this mosque in Mill Road.

“Although this will be an environmentally friendly mosque, which we are somewhat pleased about, this distracts from the fact that there will be the capacity to hold 1,000 worshippers, this is a substantial amount of people and during the month of Ramadan will see these worshippers attending mosque up to five times a day, two of which being at sunset and sunrise.

“With up to 1,000 people leaving the mosque at this time and no matter how hard they try, with that number of people there will be a noise disturbance to the local residents.

“There have already been huge concerns raised by the residents around the current mosque, claiming that they have been threatened by worshippers when complaining about noise and illegal parking.

“In addition to that, the Mawson Road mosque was also using the Tenison Road building without planning permission from October 2006 to May 2008, which is a blatant disregard for the planning rules and regulations.”

A counter-protest will be held on Saturday by the Cambridge branch of Unite Against Fascism.

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Cambridgeshire (MCC) said: “Our message to everyone is to stay calm on the day and away from any sort of violence.

“The MCC deplores the cynical attempt by the EDL and its spokespeople to stoke up fear and hatred in the heartland of our peaceful communities of the city of Cambridge.

“The EDL’s protests/marches not only wreak havoc in towns and neighbourhoods across the country, they threaten to rent asunder the very fabric of our common society.”

He also urged Muslim youth to stay away from the demo adding: “Stay safe by staying at home and avoiding the areas of the EDL march/protest. Do not go out to the city centre alone. If you or someone else is in danger, immediately call the police on 999.”

Credit: Cambridge News

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