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School teacher told his pupils at girls school ‘Muslims worship the devil’

A teacher who told pupils at a Grantham school that he was "allergic to Mohammedans" has been banned from the classroom indefinitely.

Reverend Robert West, who recently stood for the British National Party in the Boston and Skegness Parliamentary elections, was teaching at Walton Girls' High School and Sixth Form in Grantham when the incidents took place.

A National College for Teaching and Leadership panel found that in November 2013, Reverend West told pupils he was "allergic to Mohammedans" and said there was a problem with people being Muslim "because we are fighting them".

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Britain First leader sparks police hate crime warning after threat to bury pigs at planned mosque

A police chief has warned hate crimes will be “relentlessly” pursued after a far-right leader threatened to bury a pig at a mosque construction site in Dudley.

Paul Golding told a Britain First rally in the town on Saturday that he is prepared to go to prison in a bid to stop the place of worship being built.

Another speaker also made remarks about the Prophet Muhammad, which were recorded and reported by anti-fascist activists in the crowd.

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Anti-fascist action for Greece



Jail Golden Dawn for their crimes!

The trial of leading members of the Greek fascist party Golden Dawn starts on Monday 20 April (an appropriate date because it is Hitler’s birthday).  There will be a massive demonstration in Athens on the morning of Monday 20th April at Korydallos just outside the place of trial, fully backed by ADEDY (with a 4hour general strike), the Greek public sector TUC, and left parties and anti-fascist campaigns.

In London, the campaign Anti-fascist Action for Greece, together with the Greece Solidarity Campaign and Unite Against Fascism will be supporting a show of solidarity for the anti-fascists and victims of fascist violence in Greece at 3pm on Sunday 19 April on the North Terrace of Trafalgar Square in front of the National Gallery.

We call on all who can get there to bring banners, placards etc. See Facebook event page.

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Waltham Forest says ‘stop the EDL’ on Saturday 9 May

The English Defence League has announced plans to march through Walthamstow on Saturday 9 May. The EDL is an extremely violent, fascist group that whips up hatred and intolerance. It particularly targets Muslim communities.

This violent, street-fighting group had originally planned the march through Woolwich in a sickeningly cynical attempt to exploit the death of Fusilier Lee Rigby who was murdered outside the army barracks in 2013. However, Lee Rigby’s mother expressed her disgust at the EDL plans. In a statement she wrote, "I have never given any permission or agreed to any part of this demonstration, I have never believed in this nor would Lee.’

Instead of apologising to Lynn Rigby, the EDL now plans to target Waltham Forest, a move condemned by Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy and faith leaders.

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Oxford communities united to outnumber the EDL march

Over 300 trade unionists,students, workers , city and county councillors, PPC's, pensioners, Muslims, Christians, Quakers, socialists and community campaigners took to the streets of Oxford against the fascist EDL today. The protest was supported by a large section of the Oxfordshire Trade Union movement, the Muslim community, and was attended by Oxford's Mayor.

Determined to show the scale of resistance to the EDL, angry protesters marched to St Aldates where just over 100 EDL were holding their fascist rally opposite the police station. People tried their best to disrupt their speeches with chants of "Nazi scum of our streets" "Whose streets, our streets" and "There are many many more of us than you!"

Oxford Unite Against Fascism would like to thank everyone who turned out today, and everyone who helped build the protest in recent weeks particularly teachers, health workers, council workers, Labour, Greens,TUSC and members of the Muslim community.

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