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Swanley far right leader in court to deny harassing woman in her home

The Swanley-based leader of a far right political group has appeared in court to deny harassing a woman in her home.

Paul Golding, 32, of Sprucedale Road, Swanley, appeared in the dock at Basildon Magistrates Court yesterday wearing a green polo-shirt and fleece bearing the Britain First badge.

During the short hearing, he pleaded not guilty to harassment of a person in their home and wearing a uniform signifying association with a political organisation.

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Police leave cancelled for EDL demonstration

Police leave has been cancelled after the English Defence League announced a demonstration in Rotherham on Saturday will be ‘the biggest’ in years.

So far 1,200 EDL supporters have announced that they plan to attend Saturday’s demo, which has been organised in the wake of a damning report which laid bare a child sex abuse scandal in the town.

The report, by Professor Alexis Jay, claimed 1,400 children were abused by largely Pakistani men over a 16 year period, with authorities failing to tackle the issue because of sensitivities over the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 20:32

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English Defence League cancel Colchester demonstration

THE English Defence League has cancelled a demonstration which was due to be held in Colchester on Saturday.

The far-right group has announced it will focus all of its sources on the group’s ongoing national protest in Rotherham.

The Colchester demonstration will not be rearranged until next year.

Regional organiser Dave Bolton said: “We will be coming back to Colchester.”

Credit: Daily Gazette

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Racist letter bomb duo Bret Atkins and Jamie Snow tried to send explosives to Halifax solicitor

Two men who tried to send a letter bomb to a Halifax solicitors from prison have had several years added to their sentences.

Bret Atkins, 24 from Leeds and Jamie Snow, 27 from Humberside posted crude explosive devices and racist letters from HMP Full Sutton at York to solicitors in West Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Officers from the Counter Terrorism Unit were alerted by prison officers after they intercepted a letter containing an incendiary device.

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Greece: latest news from the Greek Solidarity Campaign

(a) Latest Opinion Polls

I had mentioned at our last meeting that unpublished opinion polls during the summer indicated that Syriza was surging ahead. Last week we had the first official opinion poll for more than a month, which is confirming this trend.

The unadjusted (for those who won't say, won't vote, are undecided etc) give SYRIZA an 8.1% lead over the New Democracy, (25.8% to 17.7%), with Golden Dawn remaining 3rd holding on to c8.7%, PASOK and the recent "non-political" POTAMI collapsing, ANEL and KKE losing ground and DEMAR practically extinguished. However a further c16.5% are undecided or won't say and another c13% intend to abstain or spoil their ballot.

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