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Tommy Robinson, former EDL leader, recalled to prison

The founder and former leader of the English Defence League will not talk at the Oxford Union as he is back in jail. 

Stephen Lennon, who calls himself Tommy Robinson, was sentenced in January to 18 months in prison for mortgage fraud. 

He was released in June under licence and had been due to debate at the prestigious union on Thursday. 

A statement on Facebook from his supporters said: "Tommy Robinson has been recalled to prison for responding to a threat on Twitter."

'Police persecution'

His lawyers said the recall was for a fixed term of 28 days, according to a spokesman for the union. 

Mr Lennon tweeted: "I was going to speak this Thursday exposing police persecution and tactics.

"Police are at my house recalling me back to prison for my licence, reason given that I responded to a death threat targeting my family. 

"All this to prevent me exposing the facts on Thursday at Oxford Union."

An email was sent to students which said: "Tommy Robinson has recently been recalled into custody and so is unlikely to be able to speak."

Lennon had previously been due to talk at the Union in September last year but the event was cancelled amid security concerns. 

The institution said at the time it could not afford the security for the events. 

Mr Lennon co-founded the English Defence League in 2009 and left last year. 

He now works with the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think tank. 

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "We do not comment on individuals. 

"Offenders on Home Detention Curfew must comply with the conditions of their curfew or release licence. If they fail to do so, they can be immediately recalled to custody." 

The union hopes Mr Lennon will speak later this term.

Credit: BBC News

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English Defence League supporter from Stockport asks to be put in jail after violent disorder conviction

A member of the English Defence League asked to be put in prison after he was convicted of violent disorder at a demonstration where police were pelted with missiles.

Andrew Edge, 44, of Wellington Road South, central Stockport, chanted ‘EDL, EDL’ as he was led away from the dock following his trial in Birmingham.

He was one of three men found guilty of violent disorder at a demonstration by 2,000 members of the far right group in which police were showered with bricks, bottles and cans.

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Teenage soldier who made nail bomb and owned terror handbook dressed in Ku Klux Klan costume for Facebook photo

A British soldier has admitted making a nail bomb after cops found the device and a copy of an explosives-making manual at his home.

Ryan McGee also pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey in London to a charge relating to the possession of bomb-making manual The Anarchist Cookbook.

McGee, who served with the 5th Battalion The Rifles, was detained at an Army base in Paderborn, Germany, late last year.

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Cumbrian BNP councillor cleared of harassment

A British National Party councillor has been found not guilty of causing religiously-aggravated harassment, alarm or distress during outbursts at political campaigners ahead of an election.

Dawn Charlton, 50, of Ewanrigg Road, Maryport, appeared at West Cumbria Magistrates' Court in Workington accused of two public order offences after shouting at Labour Party leaflet deliverers on May 4.

The court heard that Miss Charlton had reacted as councillors and activists posted leaflets in Ewanrigg, including to her house, for the national anti-BNP Hope Not Hate campaign.

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Swanley far right leader in court to deny harassing woman in her home

The Swanley-based leader of a far right political group has appeared in court to deny harassing a woman in her home.

Paul Golding, 32, of Sprucedale Road, Swanley, appeared in the dock at Basildon Magistrates Court yesterday wearing a green polo-shirt and fleece bearing the Britain First badge.

During the short hearing, he pleaded not guilty to harassment of a person in their home and wearing a uniform signifying association with a political organisation.

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