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Hateful and here: German Anti-Islam extremists rally in Glasgow in bid to recruit Scots

GERMAN anti-Islamic group Pegida have been growing rapidly since the Paris terror attacks. Now a Scottish wing has emerged with organisers visiting Glasgow last week.

A GERMAN anti-Islamic group linked with the murder of a refugee have launched a recruitment drive in Scotland.

Dresden-based ­Pegida have been growing rapidly since the Paris terrorist attacks which left 17 people dead. 

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'Racially Motivated' Murder Bid: Man Charged

A 25-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder over what police described as a racially-motivated attack in a supermarket.

Zack Davies, of King Street, Mold, north Wales, was arrested at a Tesco store following an attack on Wednesday which left a 24-year-old man from Yorkshire, who was reportedly Asian, with life-changing injuries, North Wales Police said.

Davies will appear at Wrexham Magistrates Court today.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 22 January 2015 11:02

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Sidney the Nazi says “Leave our Fascist cows alone”

One of the oddest stories that came out over Christmas was of the herd of Nazi-engineered cows which turned out to be so aggressive that a Devon farmer has “been forced to turn half of them into sausages”.

Apparently Derek Gow imported a dozen Heck “super cows” to his farm in 2009, after they were first created in the 1920s as part of a Hitler-sponsored experiment in breeding an Aryan bovine species.

The farmer explained: ”Between the two wars, there was a thinking that you could selectively breed animals – and indeed people – for Aryan characteristics, for characteristics that were rooted in runes, folklore and legend.”

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Last Updated on Monday, 12 January 2015 19:15

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Far-right demonstration at Norwich Station

A group of men claiming to be from a far-right Polish nationalist group staged a demonstration at Norwich Station against the jailing of the leader of a far-right movement in Greece.

The seven men, some of whom partially hid their faces, waved flags and unfurled a banner for National Rebirth of Poland this lunchtime.

They also handed out leaflets demanding that the Greek authorities release the leader of Golden Dawn, a far-right party in Greece that many believe to be neo-Nazi.

Credit: EDP 24

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Last Updated on Monday, 12 January 2015 19:11

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EDL rioters who terrorised Birmingham city centre jailed for more than 75 years

English Defence League supporters who brought terror to the streets of Birmingham have been jailed for more than 75 years after violence flared at a protest.

Fifty men have appeared before Birmingham Crown Court over the past five weeks to be sentenced for violent disorder after ugly scenes were witnessed by police and visitors on July 20 2013.

Most of the violene took place in Centenary Square, and sparked a massive inquiry from detectives from the force’s criminal investigation department to track down those who brought violence to the streets of Birmingham.

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