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Teacher banned for life appointed to replace Nick Griffin as BNP leader

Nick Griffin has been replaced as leader of the British National party, the far-right group has announced.

The BNP's website said Adam Walker, a former teacher who this year was struck off the teaching register for life, had been appointed acting chairman after Griffin "stepped aside", two months after he lost the party's only seat at the European parliament in a disastrous set of election results.

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Irrelevant Party Leader Stops Leading Irrelevant Party

In a political move that will affect approximately no one, Nick Griffin has stepped down as Chairman of the BNP.

The irrelevant Mr Griffin will be replaced by the even less relevant deputy chairman, Adam Walker, who will now lead the irrelevant party into further irrelevance.

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Ed Miliband must reverse sacking of 'Beast of Bolsover' Dennis Skinner - Labour needs him

Labour MPs did something really dumb yesterday.

They ousted Dennis Skinner from Labour’s ruling body, The National Executive Committee (NEC).

And yet this morning, as the shock of his defeat sinks in around Westminster, you can’t find an MP who says they didn’t vote for him.

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Activists ‘triumphant’ as EDL cancels plans to return to Stevenage

Activists are celebrating a “triumphant campaign” after plans for the English Defence League to return to Stevenage have failed to materialise.

The Stevenage branch of the Trade Union Congress organised a counter-demonstration to coincide with the EDL’s march through the town last month.

Both marches passed without incident but EDL organiser Mark Robinson had said the far-right group would return this weekend during a speech in Stevenage town centre.

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New Malden Councillor Terry Paton says BNP membership was undercover investigation

A New Maldon councillor says his name appeared on a leaked list of British National Party (BNP) members because he was undercover in the far-right wing group five years ago.

The Surrey Comet was alerted this week to ex-policeman and Conservative Terry Paton’s surname, postcode and mobile phone number on the list originally leaked in 2009, long before he was an elected councillor.

But Coun Paton, 50, says his membership of the BNP was down to his work as a private investigator for his own security company which he ran for 10 years.

He said: “I was employed to get information – to get in and get out. I was paid for that information.

“I was asked to get information about a person. The person I was trying to get to – I was advised the only way to get that information was to join the BNP.

“It is difficult to get into because I am supposed to be sworn to secrecy. Nobody knows other than the people that employed me.”

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