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EDL to march through Dorset town this weekend

Visitors to Bournemouth this weekend will notice an increase police presence as the English Defence League (EDL) will stage a march in the Dorset town.

A counter-protest march organised by Unite the Union will also take place – but Dorset Police are confident people will be able to go about their business without disorder.

Superintendent Nicky Searle, Gold Commander for Operation Fig said: “He police and other public authorities have a clear legal obligation to facilitate peaceful protest; whatever the cause and even if it creates some disruption to other people.

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'Evil' bomb-making OAP gives Ukip £28k in will: Pensioner, 82, who was once jailed for handing explosive manufacturing manual to BNP activist dies, leaving party large donation

Ukip faced a new race row last night over a £28,000 gift from a pensioner branded ‘evil’ by a judge for giving a bomb-making recipe to a man who attacked immigrants’ homes, writes Simon Walters.

Allen Boyce received a two-year suspended jail sentence for handing bomb-making instructions to a British National Party activist who was jailed for a race-hate campaign against Asian families in Eastbourne.

Details of political donations published last week show that Boyce, a National Front parade bugler, who died recently aged 82, left £28,416 in his will to Ukip. 

Boyce pleaded guilty at Lewes Crown Court in 2006 to incitement to possess explosives. 

He told Terry Collins how to mix two chemicals needed to make a bomb, and gave him a note claiming he knew a hotel where immigrants lived.

Collins did not use the recipe, but carried out a 14-month race-hate campaign against three families.  He was jailed for five years for pelting their homes with stones and a firework tied to a brick.

Judge Anthony Niblett suspended Boyce’s sentence for two years  and placed him under a two-year supervision order. 

He told him: ‘Your involvement in criminality  stems from your extreme political views which are abhorrent to all  right-minded people. On mature reflection, you will understand the wrong, indeed the evil, in which you have become involved.’

Last night, Mr Farage reacted quickly to defuse the row and announced the money would be given to charity.

In a statement issued shortly after The Mail on Sunday contacted Ukip over the donation, the party said it was ‘horrified at the provenance of this money’.

It said the cash would now be passed to a charity ‘helping Christians and Yazidis suffering in Kurdistan’.

Credit: MailOnline


Searchlight comments:

Allen Boyce and Terry Collins feature in our report Lone Wolves: myth or reality? which you can dowload here. The report includes case studies of nearly 40 individuals holding far-right political views who have been convicted for serious violence or terrorist offences. It demonstrates conclusively that far-right terrorists are not lone wolves, as some have made out, but are connected with a number of insidious organisations.

The story above mentions his role as the National Front bugler. As such he was known for his appalling playing, an insult to the British war dead, as indeed was the NF’s annual march itself, which went from Bressenden Place, Victoria, to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday afternoon, hours after the main ceremony had finished. 

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EDL rally: Bishop Tony Robinson condemns English Defence League for stirring up divisions in Kirklees

A bishop has condemned the English Defence League for trying to divide communities in Kirklees.

Bishop of Pontefract the Rt Rev Tony Robinson spoke out ahead of an EDL rally and counter demonstration in Batley tomorrow.

Up to 700 police officers from West Yorkshire and beyond are on standby as hundreds of EDL supporters descend on the town.

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Communities minister alarmed by rise in anti-Semitic incidents in UK

Responding to a near-record high in anti-Semitic incidents in Britain, following the start of the Gaza conflict, Communities Minister Stephen Williams (photo) has met with officials from the Jewish organisation Community Security Trust.

CST figures show 304 anti-Semitic incidents in the first six months of 2014, a 36% increase on the same period in 2013. July 2014 saw more than 200 incidents, making it the second highest monthly total since the organisation started recording incidents in 1984.

After Wednesday’s meeting, Williams said: "These incidents range from unpleasant messages, graffiti, rhetoric and verbal abuse to instances of criminal damage to Jewish property and even acts of violence directed towards visibly Jewish people. Any hostility or harassment directed towards the Jewish community in this country for whatever reason is completely unacceptable and the government will do everything in its power to prevent the fear and distress that such deplorable actions cause.

"It is more important than ever that in the face of the deeply upsetting events taking place in Gaza, Israel, Syria and Iraq that Britain’s many diverse communities stand united in supporting our shared British values of understanding and mutual respect."

The BBC reports that about 2,000 people have died since the fighting in Gaza began on 8 July, including more than 1,900 Palestinians.


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Peaceful vigil for victims of Palestine conflict disrupted by EDL members

A peaceful vigil held in protest at the Gaza crisis turned into a noisy protest when EDL members arrived to "disrupt" it in Middlesbrough last night.

Members of Teesside Palestine Solidarity Campaign have been holding a vigil every Wednesday evening since mid-July for the Israel-Palestine conflict.

About 15 members of the English Defence League waving an England flag and an Israel flag turned up towards the last half hour of the demonstration, which involved around 100 people.

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