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Racist is leader of Harlow anti-traveller group

Open letter from David Forman, Secretary of Harlow TUC, to Harlow councillors

From the YourHarlow news item here, you will see that the Admin of Facebook group ‘Keep Illegal Traveller Camps out of Harlow’ Malcolm “Mitch’ Mitchell has been cautoned by police for racially abusing a Harlow councillor. The councillor in question being Unison branch secretary Waida Forman.

Mr Mitchell's abuse included the racially abusive word “Nigger”. He also incited people to trash Cllr Forman's home by shitting everywhere. What is ironic is Mr Mitchell’s quote in the Daily Mail report of March 20 this year: “There is the added risk of being branded an extremist — or worse.” Now there is the certainty we can describe Mr Mitchell as a racist.

Given racist Mr Mitchell's desire for his group’s 374 other members, including UKIP parliamentary candidates Sam Stoppelcamp and Mark Gough, to “shit everywhere” makes me wonder whether the more lurid allegations against Travellers were a “put-up job” by extremist elements in Mr Mitchell's group? The Equalities and Human Rights Commission make it clear that it is “very common for unfounded allegations to be made against Travellers.” See page 152 of the report Inequalities suffered by Gypsy and Traveller communities: A review.

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The anti-Semitic demo in London - a Moscow’s KGB-style psy-op?

As the readers of this blog perfectly know, the Kremlin is actively cooperating - sometimes financially - with European far right parties. However, Moscow may also be engaged in even more sinister activities, namely whipping up racial hatred in the West in order to discredit democratic societies that have taken a strong position on sanctions against Russia for its war on Ukraine.

While it cannot be conclusively proven yet, the "anti-Jewification" demonstration that took place in London on 4 July might be an example of such activities. At least, there are sound reasons to suspect exactly this.

The demonstration was organised by the neo-Nazi Eddy Stampton who is notorious for drunken violence towards women, and was attended, among others, by his neo-Nazi mate Piers Mellor; the head of the far right IONA London Forum Jeremy "JezBedford-Turner; and Britain-based activists of the Polish fascist National Revival of Poland (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski).




The anti-Semitic demo in London was not the first time that StamptonMellorBedford-Turner and the Polish fascists came together. On 29 November 2014, they organised a demoin support of the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party by the Embassy of Greece in London.


Most prominent participants of the London anti-Semitic demo last Saturday are not simply fascists: all of them are in one way or another connected to the Russians.

Bedford-Turner leads the self-styled "New Right" IONA London Forum that hosted, on 12 October 2013, a conference titled "The end of the present world: the post-American century and beyond". The main speaker at this conference was infamous Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin, who is building links between Western far right/far left organisations and Moscow, and who was also involved, in 2006, in training of the activists from the pro-Russian extremist organisation Donetsk RepublicBedford-Turner also invited Russian neo-Nazi activist Denis Nikitin to speak at one of the Forum's meetings in August 2014.

Denis Nikitin

This was not the only connection between Nikitin and the British extreme right: Nikitin, who also directs the Russian White Rex company engaged in organising mixed martial arts tournaments in Russia and Europe, was a key person who provided fitness ­sessions to British neo-Nazis at a training camp in Wales. Are the Russians involved in training of would-be right-wing British terrorists?

Another participant of the anti-Semitic demo, Australian London-based neo-Nazi Piers Mellor, also participated in the Moscow-inspired anti-Ukrainian protest in March 2015.

Piers Mellor-Donbass-02

Together with Mellor, protesting against non-existing UK arms supplies to Ukraine, was Graham Phillips, a British RT propagandist and strong supporter of pro-Russian extremists in Eastern Ukraine, including the Donetsk Republic, where he spent most of 2014.

Piers Mellor-Donbass-03

Upon his return to London, Phillips immediately joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP) whose leaders, including Nigel Farage and Diane James, have openly expressed admiration of Russia's president Vladimir PutinUKIP MEPs are also active opponents of the sanctions against Russia.

RT, Russia's major tool of its information warfare against the West, has immediately reported on the neo-Nazi gathering in London, but of course without mentioning any connections between the participants of the demo and the Russians. Nor has RT mentioned that the organiser of the anti-Semitic demo, Eddy Stampton, is a fan of the pro-Russian extremists in Eastern Ukraine.


Why would the Kremlin be interested in whipping up racial hatred in Britain? The fact is that when the Russians find it difficult to buy political influence in a particular Western country, they try to discredit it as a hotbed of fascism. The classic example is the KGB's psy-op in Western countries at the end of the 1950s.

The KGB and its counterparts in the countries of the Warsaw Pact infiltrated neo-Nazi organisations in West Germany and some other Western countries, in order to goad them into extremist activities and then accuse Western societies of the alleged resurgence of Nazism. The most prominent case is the "swastika operation" devised by Soviet KGB General Ivan Agayants and carried out in 1959-1960 in Western cities and towns. In that period, KGB agents painted swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans on synagogues, tombstones and Jewish-owned shops in West Germany. Jewish families received anonymous hate mail and threatening phone calls. The initial KGB operation would stir up residual anti-Semitic sentiments in Western societies and, consequently, produce a snowball effect where troublemakers would carry out anti-Semitic activities on their own. The "swastika operation" in West Germany caused considerable damage to the reputation of the country in the West: its diplomats were ostracised, West German products boycotted, Bonn assailed for the alleged inability to deal with Nazism, and questions were raised about the credibility of the country as a member of NATO.

The established connections between the organisers/participants of the anti-Semitic demonstration in London and the Russian actors (as well as other evidence) provide a good reason to suspect that Moscow is now involved in similar psy-ops in Britain.

Credit: Anton Shekhovtsov

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Launch of the 2014/15 report on the state of anti-Muslim hate in the UK

Tell Mama has launched its annual 2014/2014 report on the state of anti-Muslim hatred in the UK and the report highlights a number of key points.

The TELL MAMA project has been devised, implemented and co-ordinated by Faith Matters.


Speaking on the report, the Chair of TELL MAMA, former Government Minister Shahid Malik stated:

“The over-riding narrative from the report appears to be that parts of the public mistakenly make a link between Muslims and terrorism whether that be at home and abroad. This presents a profound challenge for the media, politicians, civil society and for Muslims themselves. Unless we re-double our efforts to improve community cohesion and break this link many innocent Muslims will continue to suffer.

In addition, by ensuring that we can tackle anti-Muslim hate, we can also reduce the alienation felt by some young Muslims and reduce the chances of them being preyed upon by extremists.

Sadly, it is a fact today that Muslims are more likely to be the victims of terrorism than any other group in society and then they also have to suffer from the inevitable ignorant anti-Muslim backlash, as our joint report with Teeside makes clear.”

Key points of the report are:

• 548 verified incidents (of 729) reported to Tell MAMA (a number that broadly reflects the 2012/13 report when 584 incidents were recorded).

• A decrease from the previous report but that reflects the documented spike of incidents following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

• A majority of incidents took place online (402 out of 548 or roughly two-thirds).

• In the online sphere, a vast proportion of incidents were abusive in nature and nearly a fifth involved threats.

• The ‘memeification’ of anti-Muslim hate online was traceable with a high number of ‘anti-Muslim literature’ incidents.

• Nearly a fifth of service users reported repeated offline incidents of anti-Muslim hate.

• Again, Muslim women (48 incidents) suffered more offline incidents than men (40 incidents) in the dataset.

• 44 offline cases noted that the individual, at the time of the incident, wearing traditional Islamic clothing during and the perpetrators’ were overwhelmingly white male.

• 7 offline cases involved ‘extreme violence’, 21 constituted assault and 29 involved threats.

• Damage to Islamic institutions and personal properties totalled 15 incidents.

• The evolving data coding and approval process carries a good degree of confidence from CFAPS’s analysis.

Another worrying trend highlighted in the analysis detailed how global acts of terror – whether in Paris, Copenhagen or Sydney – inspired or at least fostered an environment where individuals felt justified in spreading anti-Muslim hate either on social media or on a street-based level. In the wake of the Paris atrocities, the number of reported incidents for offline and online incidents increased.

How sections of the media portrays these incidents potentially (and often unintentionally) may inspire part of the backlash. The report does not call for censorship but engagement with media outlets to promote a more nuanced understanding of ‘terrorist motivations in order to reduce the impact of coverage relating to, or even fuelling, instances of ‘cumulative extremism’’.

The dataset offers a window into the levels of anti-Muslim hate in 2014 and the early parts of 2015. But a perceived mistrust of police in sections of Muslim communities means underreporting of incidents remains a consistent problem.

Our working agreement with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), agreed upon in March 2015, to share data on anti-Muslim incidents (with police forces that record Islamophobic crimes under a separate flag) will continue to strengthen our reporting in the months ahead. 

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British groups plan Mohammed cartoon exhibit in London

Two British groups have announced plans to hold an exhibition featuring cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Sharia Watch UK and Vive Charlie on Tuesday announced their intention to hold the exhibition in central London in September of 2015, noting the event will feature controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who recently caused a storm in his own country after he announced plans to broadcast cartoons of the founder of Islam on national television. 

The event has been organized “in honor of the cartoonists, bloggers, and artists around the world who risk their lives in defense of free expression, and of those who have been murdered in this cause,” the two groups said in a statement.

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Locals reject Far Right Demo

Trades Unionists, Politicians, Football Fans say no to "White Man" march in Liverpool
(Contact:  Merseyside Unite Against Fascism,

Local people in Merseyside have united to show their opposition to a planned far right demonstration in Liverpool, by supporting an anti-racist Statement which calls "on everyone to support, and attend, Merseyside Unite Against Fascism's planned mobilisation to show united opposition to the 'White Man' march in Liverpool in August."

The Liverpool Unity Statement, headed "Defend Multicultural Merseyside - No to the fascist 'White Man' march", was initiated by anti-fascist coalition Merseyside Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and has been signed by a number of local politicians, trades union members, football fans and other locals.

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