Defiance: Greece and Europe – book launch

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defiancegreeceandeuropeThis is a socialist history of Greece, covering the story of its resistance to Nazi occupation, the civil war, the colonels’ dictatorship and its overthrow, the popular uprising of 2010-12, and the SYRIZA government’s confrontation with Europe’s bankers and subsequent defeat, and trying to draw lessons for our common struggle against austerity.

Paul Mason: “Roger Silverman’s book views the origins of the Greek crisis using the lens missing from most media coverage: class, class conflict and the problems of a democratic system balanced on deep corruption and oligarchic power.”

Yorgos Mitralias (member of the Greek Debt Truth Commission): “There is an enormous gap in the international bibliography of modern Greece. Now Roger Silverman’s book not only fills this gap but goes even further, by covering Greece’s recent political and economic turmoil with up-to-date first-hand information… Written not only for specialists but accessible to almost anyone with an interest in the recent Greek crisis.”

Paul Mackney (Co-chair, Greece Solidarity Campaign): “Roger Silverman’s excellent and most accessible book engages with the exciting advances and the devastating setbacks of Greek popular movements facing down the powerful and vindictive forces of international finance over the last five years.”

Copies of the book can be ordered from Newham Bookshop.

The venue is at the corner of Winchelsea Road and Huddlestone Road; nearest stations: Wanstead Park on the London Overground or Forest Gate on the Liverpool Street line.