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Searchlight was founded in May 1964 as an intelligence-led newspaper and press agency. It is Searchlight’s strength and experience at gathering and analysing intelligence that has ensured its leading role in effectively fighting fascism and organised racism for nearly 50 years.

Its investigations of far-right extremism in Britain and abroad have resulted in a long list of setbacks for the far right. In recent times its investigation, analysis and exposure of the BNP’s financial irregularities contributed to the collapse of the BNP’s voting and activist support.

Over many years, Searchlight has helped make many of the better documentary programmes investigating the far right in Britain.

Today the magazine is run by a dedicated international team of investigators, writers, researchers and young academics.

Although the BNP is currently not a serious electoral threat, other extreme-right parties are vying to take its place and populist radicalism and Islamophobia are rising across Europe and further afield. This fluid situation makes it even more urgent that we turn our intelligence and analysis capabilities into a powerful weapon against those who aim to kill off our democratic and just society.

To do that we need your support. Subscriptions to the magazine are not enough to keep the magazine – an important forum and focus of our intelligence work – in production as well as maintain our intelligence operation. We therefore hope our supporters will donate as much as they can to support Searchlight’s ongoing and necessary work.

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