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Starting the Arts section on our website

We have started an Arts section on our website. It will be led by Daniel Jones of the University of Northampton who will be working with Ketlan Ossowski. Our regular readers will recall that Ketlan was running his own blog from Lancaster which then merged with our website.

Almost a year ago, on 10 January 2013, Ketlan announced he was halting his blog to undertake a long-term research project at my request as editor.

Late last year that piece of important work was completed and Ketlan has been happy to accept a new task working on our anti-fascist Arts project, the first material of which will be appearing in the next few days.

We will be inviting people from many parts of the anti-fascist cultural scene to link up with us, so we can publish material about their work and activities. We will be circulating publishers, who are already ready to supply us with books on related subjects, to maintain our connection and a number of others whom we will also look to for news of forthcoming publications.

We are keen to cover the widest range of the Arts, including all forms of publications, film, video, cartoons, theatre and the other wide anti-fascist cultural activities.

We will start with the Diary of an American who came to the UK looking for a home and aspiration among our homespun fascists, nazis, heathens, racists, antisemites, Islamophobes and ultra-right Christians.

You will be able to communicate with Daniel and Ketlan via our Arts blog.

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