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Rotherham by-election: anti-BNP campaign

The British National Party has already announced its candidate for the Rotherham by-election on 29 November: local activist and organiser Marlene Guest, who in the 2010 general election polled 10.4% for the party.

The BNP will try to capitalise on the campaign it waged over MPs’ expenses, notwithstanding that the instigator and main proponent of that campaign, former police officer Michael Barnbrook, turned against Griffin and is no longer a BNP member. That campaign targeted Denis MacShane, whose resignation over fraudulent expenses claims is the cause of the by-election.

The BNP will also try to exploit the scandal of child sex grooming by gangs of men mostly of Pakistani origin. It is likely to face competition from other far-right parties keen to grab a share of the BNP’s past support. The English Democrats may stand and Britain First is has canvassed members and supporters on whether it should make its first foray into electoral politics – so far 78% have said yes.

Rotherham Unite Against Fascism has organised three days of action to urge people to vote against the BNP and reduce its share of the vote to well below its 2010 level.

• Saturday 10 November 11am

• Sunday 18 November 11am

• Saturday 24 November 11am

Please email for details of meeting venues.

Hope Not Hate Yorkshire has announced a day of action for Saturday 17 November. People are asked to meet from 10.30 at the Unity Centre, St Leonard's Road, Rotherham S65 1PD.

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