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Ray Hill still hitting the nazis

In early December Ray Hill addressed a meeting of over 60 young people at the Aishe Education Centre in Hendon, London. He spoke for about forty minutes on the threat of racism in todays society and clearly surprised most of them when he explained the background of a number of MEP's, among them Andrew Brons, a Yorkshire MEP who was a leading member of Colin Jordan's British National Socialist Party.

It was ironic because the newly formed fascist party that Brons leads today carries the same name The British Democratic Party of a Leicester based group led by two far right lawyers in the early 1980's.

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They sunk almost without trace because of Ray's heroic work inside the BDP. Exposing them in a World in Action programme about nazi gun running, the pages of Searchlight, the National press and in his book written with the TV journalist Andrew Bell, the Other Face of Terror.

Ray's work for Searchlight was turned into the major documentary screened in the 1980's by the then new Channel 4.

Nazis seeking cowardly revenge tried their best attack Ray and young family. He had in the role of Searchlight's Super Mole had swept through the far right damaging British Movement, The British National Party and some of the most violent people their ranks.

Every year since then he has been addressing such meetings for young Trade Unionists, members of various religious groups, universities and political organisations since the 1980s.

He has led alongside the NUS several successful campaigns on campuses to defend the No Platform Policy.

It is Ray's proud boast that he has never accepted a speaking fee in his life and never will. 'I do this because I believe in it,' he says. 'No other reason and as a warning to future generations.

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