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Lincolnshire police election: a clarification

Voting takes place in the police and crime commissioner elections tomorrow. As we have reported in Searchlight the British National Party decided not to take part for a number of reasons, including the high £5,000 candidate’s deposit and absence of a free mailshot to electors. The only far-right candidates are five English Democrats and Kevin Carroll, one of the leadership of the English Defence League, standing for the British Freedom Party in Bedfordshire.

The English Democrats are standing in Cambridgeshire (Stephen Goldspink), Essex (Robin Tilbrook), Kent (Steve Uncles), Merseyside (Paul Rimmer) and South Yorkshire (David Allen). There is no English Democrat candidate in Lincolnshire, contrary to a strangely inaccurate report that appeared elsewhere long after nominations closed, which includes a detailed profile of the non-existent candidate. Lincolnshire has four candidates: a Conservative, a Labour candidate, an independent and a man standing under the somewhat pointless banner Campaign to Stop Politicians Running Policing.

We clarify this as wouldn’t want readers to be misled or confused, though sadly accuracy seems to be unfashionable and unappreciated these days.

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