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Liberty it isn’t

Yet another party has joined the splintered ranks of British fascism. Liberty Great Britain was registered with the Electoral Commission a few days ago on 5 March by Paul Weston, failed former leader of the nondescript British Freedom Party.

Weston relinquished the BFP leadership on 3 January saying: “I am writing a book about the current dire state of Britain, which is going to take up the majority of my time over the coming months, and I feel it would be better for British Freedom to be led by someone who can devote more time to the party.”

By early February it seems he had lost interest in the book, if there ever was one, and was planning to resume his political career in an even more hopeless grouplet than the last one. His colleague Lee Cooper registered the LibertyGB website on 6 February and the two men plus Dr George Whale put in their application to the Electoral Commission. Weston is the new party’s leader, Cooper the treasurer and Whale the nominating officer, a position he held in the BFP until it was deregistered on 11 December last year.

The BFP remains deregistered and unless it re-registers it will not be able to fight the May council elections. It is unlikely to be worth the effort: last May its six candidates nationally received just 308 votes between them.

Weston, a former UK Independence Party activist and election candidate, had been leader of the BFP for about a year. He was succeeded, without any semblance of internal democracy, by Kevin Carroll, his deputy and joint leader of the English Defence League, another failing bunch of no-hopers.

The Liberty GB website is similar in design to that of the BFP, which, not coincidentally, has had no new postings since 18 January. Possibly Simon Bennett, webmaster to the BFP and one-time British National Party webmaster, has decamped to Liberty GB as well, though it is Cooper who is listed as the party’s IT officer. Maybe he just copied it.

Liberty GB’s politics are just more of the same old fascist rubbish. Claiming it is “working together [with whom?] to protect our British culture, heritage and freedoms” it explains that: “the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives manifestly refuse to discuss the most important issues of our time, namely mass Third World immigration, the steady rise of fundamentalist Islam and the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing ‘progressives’.” Enough said.

Weston’s new party joins a crowded field. The British Democratic Party was launched nationally on 9 February after Andrew Brons, the former BNP MEP, decided the time was right for a new party to unite the far right and gain enough momentum to succeed. The BNP is enjoying a new lease of … perhaps not life but money. There’s the BFP of course, if there is anyone left to turn the lights back on.

Britain First carries on with a few small street actions, unsure whether it wants to be a political party or a “campaign group”. The English Democrats are losing members aghast at their leader Robin Tilbrook palling up with the remnants and thugs of the EDL, South East Alliance and Britain First. And the National Front trundles on, still professing the true Nazism.

Weston, whose biog on the Liberty GB website reveals that after he was “politely asked to leave [his] school” he became “a deep-sea diver specialising in sub-sea pipeline welding”, is also joined by Stephen Evans from the West Country who works “in manufacturing” and Matthew Roberts, who has a Masters degree in social policy and criminology from the London School of Economics and is “active in the anti-jihad movement”.

Cooper claims “25 years of international experience in technology infrastructure and communications, having previously acted as advisor to Middle Eastern governments and leading international Arabic publications”. He is also actively involved in masonic groups.

Whale says he was a member of the Labour Party many years ago and has “degrees in fine art and computing, and a PhD in the field of creativity and cognition”. He is currently “coordinator of a London-based research and knowledge transfer project”.

Despite their various qualification we can safely predict that Liberty GB will go nowhere, eclipsed by Weston’s former party, the newly resurgent UKIP, of which Weston said last week: “We are not concerned about UKIP and nobody should be really”. 

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