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Liar Griffin?

BBC2’s Daily Politics programme today reported on the attempts by Socialist, Green and Liberal MEPs to prevent a group of European far-right parties obtaining funding from the European Parliament. According to the programme, enough MEPs have signed a petition to request an official review of the grant application by the Alliance of European National Movements, which includes the British National Party, the Hungarian fascist Jobbik group and the French National Front.

To receive funding a pan-European party or grouping has to satisfy four conditions. Three of these revolve around its representation and participation in elections, the fourth is that “it must observe the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law”. It is this requirement that many MEPs consider the far-right group does not meet.

The review process is still at an early stage and no decision has been made. So it seems odd, to say the least, that the BNP yesterday announced that the AENM had secured funding for 2013 of €604,566, a sum the party correctly described as “staggering”. Party leader Nick Griffin is quoted saying: “it’s great for nationalist voters to know that their taxes are going to help fund the advancement of their own ideals and interests, rather than the whole 30 million Euros going to internationalist and globalist parties”.

One of Griffin’s sycophantic followers commenting on the announcement said: “I bet sonia and gerry gable [sic] will be very upset. GOOD”. No we’re not, because it isn’t true. 

Update 9 February 2013 On Friday evening the link to the article entitled "Alliance funding for 2013 – a Nationalist Victory" was missing, but it returned the next day. Internal differences of opinion on whether truth matters perhaps?

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