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In less than 24 hours, lifelong fascist Kevin Scott will be speaking at Cambridge University after an invitation from the University's debating society – 'The Cambridge Union Society'.

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URGENT Open letter: Withdraw invitation of fascist Kevin Scott to speak at Cambridge Union Society TOMORROW (Thursday 29th November)

We are appalled by the decision of The Cambridge Union Society to invite Kevin Scott, a former regional organiser of the British National Party (BNP), to their debate taking place tomorrow on the theme of hate speech.

We call upon the Cambridge Union Society to withdraw Kevin Scott’s invitation to speak at Cambridge University without delay.

For 20 years Kevin Scott was a member of the BNP, a fascist organisation which stands for an “all white Britain”, a goal which can only be achieved by violence, the annihilation of entire groups of people and the ending of democracy.

Kevin Scott is now one of the management team for the newly formed British Democratic Party (BDP) set up by fascist Andrew Brons the MEP for Yorkshire and Humber who resigned from the BNP earlier this year to set up the BDP.

The Cambridge Union Society boasts about its “historic defence of free speech and ongoing belief in participatory democracy” and further outlines their commitment “to making our society as inclusive as possible.”

Yet fascists stand for the elimination of the democracy and all freedoms that the Cambridge Union Society claims to support.

We should always remember that the millions of people who died at the hands of the Nazis slaughter – in the gas chambers and the concentration camps – did not die because their debating skills or arguments were not powerful enough. They died because once fascism had abused the democratic system to get its grip on power in soon closed down any freedoms to prevent any resistance. That is why we must never give a platform to fascists anywhere in the student movement.

If the increase in fascist activity on our campuses is allowed to continue the result will be to strengthen and embolden fascist organisations whose goal is to seize power in order to violently attack Jewish, Muslim, Black, LGBT, women, disabled and other communities.

We the undersigned demand that the Cambridge Union Society withdraw its invitation to fascist Kevin Scott immediately.  

* Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ Officer

* Faeeim Nori, Chair of Cambridge Black and Minority Ethnic Campaign

* Favourite Francis Frizell, Co-Chair of Cambridge Black and Minority Ethnic Campaign 2011/12

* Sabby Dhalu, Unite Against Fascism Joint-Secretary 

* Weyman Bennett, Unite Against Fascism Joint-Secretary 

* Gerry Gable, Editor of Searchlight

* Aisling Gallagher, NUS-USI Women's Officer

* Abdul-Azim Ahmed, NUS Wales Black Students’ Officer

* Lauren Connors, NUS LGBT Committee & Goldsmiths Union

* Trish Clinton, Coventry University & NUS LGBT Committee

* Maryam Saghir, NUS Black Students’ Committee, LGBT Women’s rep

* Yusuf Molade, NUS Black Students’ Committee, FE rep

* Choi HY, President, Worcester College of Technology and NUS FE Zone Committee

* Jamie Woodcock, NUS NEC

* Matt Stanley, NUS NEC and NUS LGBT Committee

* Jennifer Izaakson, London Student Editor

* Manoj Kumar Thyagarajan, NUS International Students’ Committee

* Amy Gilligan, Cambridge University student

* Conrad Landin, Cambridge University student

* Dominic Curran, Warwick University Students’ Union, Labour Club Campaigns Officer

* Sam Playle, Queen Mary Students’ Union Postgraduate Representative

* Varinder Singh, Sikhs Against the EDL

* Suleman Salu, University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union

* Amarjite Singh, Communication Workers’ Union (CWU)

* Daf Adley, Love Music Hate Homophobia Co-Founder

* Edmund Schluessel, NUS International Students’ Committee & NUS Wales Executive

* Nathan Bolton, Essex University Students’ Union President

* Claire Lister, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts Disabled Students’ Representative

* Roshan Shiwakoti, NUS Black Students’ Conference 2012 Delegate

* Alan Borgars, University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union NUS delegate 2013

* Fiona Edwards, Student Broad Left Secretary

* Tom King, SOAS Students’ Union Labour Club Secretary

* Shelly Asquith, TUC Young Members for Southern and Eastern Region acting Chair

* Gavin Sibthorpe, UNITE Young Members London & Eastern Region Chair

* Eleanor Saunders, UNISON

* Rob Newbery, London Young Labour, Disability Officer

* Kate Collins, Lewisham Deptford Constituent Labour Party 

* Zeno McDonald, Worcester College of Technology Activities Officer

* Ashley Bailey, Wilberforce College Student Governor

* Greg McNicoll, Norton Knatchbull Sixth Form

* Mary Prescott, University of Sussex Students' Union, Equality and Diversity Officer

* Becca Anderson, President - Gateshead College

* Lucille Harvey, UNITE London & Eastern Young Members Rep

* Luke Frost, Maidstone Campus Officer, UCA Students Union

* Kara Stubbs, Kent Union LGBT Officer (Women's Place)

* Hazel Nolan, Secretary, SERTUC Young Members

* Bethan Woods, University of Huddersfield

* Stef Newton, Goldsmiths Students' Union

* Kelly Hockley, UNITE National Young Member's Committee

* Louise Mitchell, UNITE London and Eastern Young Members Committee

* Pippa Georgeson, Edge Hill LGBT+ Society and Merseyside LGBT Student Network Committee

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