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International solidarity against Golden Dawn

Tens of thousands of anti-fascists gathered in cities and towns around the world on Saturday 19 January to protest against the Nazi Golden Dawn party in Greece and its attempts to spread its murderous message of hate beyond across Europe and North America. Closer to home reports are coming in of Golden Dawn activity in the North of England.

Generations from the British anti-fascist movement stood shoulder to shoulder outside the Greek Embassy in London in sub zero temperatures for one of the best rallies we have attended in years. Despite the weather nearly one thousand people listened to the veteran Labour politician Tony Benn, Tottenham MP David Lammy, Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn, and Steve Hart, a senior officer from Unite the Union and joint chair of the UAF. From abroad there was Elizabeth Mantzari, one of the leaders of the Greek Resistance Movement, and a Turkish anti-fascist. Also on the platform were two representatives of the new generation of British anti-fascist writers, Dan Trilling and Owen Jones, NUS Black Students’ Officer Aaron Kiely and an activist from Sikhs against the EDL.

The two messages that came over really strongly were the eternal one of international solidarity against fascism and racism, and the need to strengthen and build upon the long-established No Platform policy in dealing with the fascist enemy, a theme taken up by several of the speakers.

I was privileged to be invited to speak at the rally and told the audience that the “We Are” movement is growing across the country the result of increasing unity among anti-fascists. What we need to defeat the enemy is more boots on the streets, not people sitting on their bums following the battle in the comfort of their homes in front of their computers and Facebook accounts.

A pathetic group of London Nazis turned up and were kettled by the police. It was a very small pen as there were fewer than ten of them.

The police commander in charge of the day admitted a tactical error in letting them come far too close to our hundreds. Anti-fascists showed discipline in not being drawn into a fight on the police line dividing them from the Nazis. Massive chanting of our slogans drowned them out before the police removed them, and went one better by spoiling their plan to attack people leaving the rally on the Tube, as a larger group of Nazis was waiting to be called up on mobile phones. The police accompanied them on the Tube, directed them back to their fellow Nazis in the pub and, we understand, sent them all packing.

If any reader recognises any of the fascists in our photos please contact Searchlight. We think they were mostly old National Front members, possibly a couple of Golden Dawn supporters and what is left of London EDL. Some are known to be from south and west London.

Victory to the people of Greece and all of us around the world who turned out to support them.

Solidarity with Greek anti-fascists: rally against Golden Dawn, London 19 January 2013

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