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Hope Not Hate puts its money on the BNP for 2013

The latest issue of Hope not hate magazine predicts that the British National Party will grow this year, mainly because Hnh are to quick to write off the British Democratic Party which will launch next month. Ignoring a potential threat from this new party is dangerous and could leave the anti-fascist movement underprepared for the battles to come.

Searchlight does not predict complete failure of the BNP but it is highly likely they will never  return to the position they held as one of the two most successful postwar fascist parties in Britain. The National Front in the 1970s had the largest membership but the BNP was achieved far more than the NF at the ballot box.

It is clearly the methodology that Hope not hate use for their research and analysis that fails their readers most of the time. This intellectual slackness appeared in their website yet again a few days ago. So I decided to put my two pennies’ worth as a warning of the damage they can do to the anti-fascist movement.

Nearly every day I cringe when I read Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate’s alleged intelligence reports and even worse the disaster zone known as his analysis. Of course we spot his errors, after all we have 49 years of experience in intelligence and analysis. What concerns us is how Hope Not Hate allow him to misinform the anti-fascist movement and lead good people into blind political alleys.

So let’s take a look at what he said last Monday, 21 January, the accuracy of which is even worse than some of his autobiography.

Collins claims BNP leader Nick Griffin is not worried about the forthcoming launch of the British Democratic Party. If so, why he did he send two of his few remaining loyalists as emissaries to two of the BDP’s pre-launch meetings, one in the North, the other in London? Marlene Guest and Steve Squires came to the well attended meetings explaining that if those present returned to the BNP, Griffin would not pursue a vendetta against them and they could try to change the party from within. This offer was of course solidly rejected by the vast majority of the audience, even those who were not ready to join the new party.

If Collins had taken the time to read Searchlight he would have seen that the BDP leadership, far from having “no record of party activism whatsoever”, consist of notorious nazis and racists who have been in the leadership or among the key activists of the BNP or other far-right groups.

Collins accuses Andrew Brons MEP of showing little interest in playing any constructive part in the new party. In fact Brons said from day one that he would not be a working leader: he was happy to be the party’s president but did not want to run it and said supporters should find people from hard nationalist backgrounds to form the management team. That is what happened: the BDP steering group is headed by Kevin Scott, the former BNP North East organiser and creator of Civil Liberty, along with Andrew Moffat, Adrian Davies and a strong support team.

Collins claims the BDP is so disorganised it forgot to build itself a website. Maybe if he engaged his brain he would have realised that until the party launch next month, when it will decide its political platform, there could be no agreed content for a website. Perhaps it is difficult for Collins, whose life revolves around Facebook, to understand that the party dictates the website, not the other way around.

Collins contradicts himself when he writes about Griffin ringing around trying to scupper the BDP launch then later claims Griffin is full of joy at the launch. Either he is full of joy or he realises the game is up for him.

Collins also claims that the new party originally tried to launch itself under the name True Brits but it fell to pieces within days of its launch last November. There was no launch of True Brits. In fact the name the new party now carries, the BDP, was registered with the Electoral Commission several months before True Brits by the far-right barrister Adrian Davies and Raymond Heath.

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