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Britannica Party fields four candidates

A new far-right party is fielding four candidates in the election for Glasgow City Council. The Britannica Party, which was registered in August 2011, is yet another group of British National Party exiles: essentially Glasgow British National Party under another name.

Its leader, Charles Baillie, was the BNP’s Glasgow organiser and has received derisory votes when he has stood for election as a BNP candidate in the past. There is no reason to think he will do any better under his new banner in Hillhead ward.

John Robertson, Britannica’s nominating officer, was the BNP’s Highlands and Islands organiser and a BNP ‘security’ officer. He is standing in Anderston/City ward. The other two candidates are Martin Clark in Calton and Jean Douglas in Southside Central.

Max Dunbar, Glasgow BNP’s former treasurer, has moved into the same role in the Britannica Party – probably a smaller job – but is not an election candidate.

The Britannica Party claims to support a united Britain, “the monarchy and all that it stands for”, “British culture and tradition” and “equal treatment for all British citizens”. Britannia’s policy for schools is similar to most of the far right: it wants corporal punishment, Christian assemblies, prohibition of “homosexual promotion”, “union interference” to be made illegal and teachers to be banned from striking or taking part in “public demonstrations”. On “law and order” it wants to reinstate the height restriction for the police. As far as Glasgow is concerned, it wants trees and flowerbeds in George Square, electric taxes and buses, and abolition of “Politically Correct bureaucracy”.

No far-right party ever does well in Scotland and Britannia will inevitably follow in this tradition. Other far-right parties are not polluting Glasgow’s elections with their presence. 

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