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BNP to contest three by-elections while Brons website announces new party

The British National Party is to contest the three parliamentary by-elections this month. Eddy O’Sullivan is standing in a 12-strong field in Manchester Central and Gordon Riddell faces 13 opponents in Corby. Both elections will take place on 15 November.

The Middlesbrough by-election has just been set for 29 November and the BNP has already announced it will field a candidate. Party treasurer Clive Jefferson has today appealed for supporters to donate £2,500 by 7 November to pay for targeted mailings, election literature and visits by the party’s advertising lorry, misnamed the Truth Truck. Presumably it has been repaired since its encounter with a low bridge in Sunderland.

At the general election the party polled 4.7% in Corby, 4.1% in Manchester and 5.8% in Middlesbrough. The by-elections will give an indication of the party’s falling support, though by-elections – which generally attract more candidates but a lower poll – are never directly comparable with a general election.

All three elections are too early for Andrew Brons’s new party, True Brits, to introduce itself to voters. True Brits made its first public appearance at the Traditional Britain Group conference on 20 October in a leaflet distributed by Kevin Scott, a former BNP activist in the North East and secretary of the new party’s steering group.

Scott followed this up with an announcement on the Nationalist Unity Forum today which said only that “we have resolved to form a new party” which will be “a successor to, but not a clone of” the BNP, omitting its name and requesting that former BNP members and others contact him if they are “prepared to help us in this important venture”.

Searchlight has been following developments leading up to this announcement and we will reveal much more about this significant move in our November magazine, currently in preparation. 

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