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Griffin stands Isolated from the party he led

Cut off from Funds from the BNP as he is a Bankrupt and cannot access any of its funds or what’s left of them. The two men Griffin singled out to head the BNP as he stood down as its Chair and took up the role of its President, has proven to be yet another gross misjudgment on his part both politically and financially.

Having set up a pot of money from the coffers to secure the party’s employees’ salaries. As this involved his daughter and her hubby it went down like a lead balloon.

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Shana Tova

Searchlight joins with Faith Matters in wishing the Jewish community Shana Tova – a Happy New Year. 

Shana Tova from Faith Matters

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Nazi seeks cycling charity trustee role

An active Nazi from Croydon, south London, is standing for election as a trustee of the London Cycling Campaign, Searchlight can reveal. Members of the charity are concerned that Tony Martin, who is often seen photographing antifascists, may target LCC members on the Nazi Redwatch website, which publishes personal details and pictures of anyone who has in some way upset the Nazis to incite attack.

Martin, who has been active with the National Front and the British National Party, stood in this year’s council elections in Croham ward, Croydon, as an independent, after internal disputes in the NF prevented him from putting the party name on his ballot paper. He received 97 votes (2.2%) coming bottom of the poll.

Martin, not to be confused with the much older Nazi thug from Loughton of the same name, turned up outside the Unite Against Fascism conference in London on 14 June together with around 17 other Nazis who had tried and failed to march in Cricklewood that morning. Police told him to make himself scarce.

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Justice for the Rotherham abuse victims – don’t let the racists divide us!

Demonstrate: Saturday 20 September, Central London: Justice for the Rotherham abuse victims – don’t let the racists divide us!

The EDL are cynically trying to exploit the Rotherham child abuse horror, and British fascists are attempting to unify around this. In Rotherham and in London, the EDL are planning to hold demonstrations over the next two Saturdays. Far right and fascist groups are attempting to recover from setbacks anti-fascists have inflicted on them and want to divide us.

The EDL have seized on the appalling  child abuse to engender racism against Muslims. They want to “racialise” the issue. UAF will be holding a counter demonstration against the EDL next Saturday, 20 September from 11.30am, at Downing Street. UAF invites all who reject attempts to divide our communities to join us. Bring your friends, families and banners.

We will also be commemorating Pavlos Fyssas, murdered by fascist, Golden Dawn supporters in Greece, on 18 September 2013. A statement from the anti-fascist organisation KEEFA, in Greece, will be read out on Saturday as well.


11:30am, Saturday 20 September.
Downing Street, London.
Nearest tube: Westminster.
Called by Unite Against Fascism.

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Tell MAMA working constructively in Rotherham

Last Saturday far-right groups engaged in a feeding frenzy over the scandal that over 1,400 girls had been sexually abused by grooming gangs over the past 16 years. The English Defence League, National Front and South East Alliance and North West Infidels rapidly turned to fighting among themselves, while the British National Party skulked around their cars at a small shopping centre elsewhere in town.

The far right claim that their anger is directed not against Muslims but against the authorities who turned a blind eye to what was going on, but Tell MAMA UK reports that a mosque door was found damaged after the far-right had passed through.

Rotherham does not need or want the far right, whose sole aim is to incite hate against Muslims. Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), which counters bigotry, ignorance and prejudice, says:

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