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Friends of terrorism

A smaller group of British Nazi supporters than on the last two occasions turned up outside the US Embassy in London on Sunday 23 May. This time their purpose was to stage a pagan/Nazi commemoration of David Lane, one of the leaders of the American armed terrorist group The Order, who died serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in the USA.

Lane’s widow has carried on preaching hatred, always speaking up for her late husband’s watchwords for Nazis everywhere, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”, universally known at the “14 Words”.

The Nazis, who numbered just 17 men and two women, tied their hate messages onto the Embassy’s security fencing.  As ever they were very aggressive towards the handful of photographers present. When they threatened and abused a woman photographer, did the forces of law and order step in? Yes, but only to try to get her to go away.

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London stands firm against Nazi provocation

British Nazis intend to stage a provocative “hate the Jews” demonstration on Saturday 4 July in Golders Green, northwest London. The choice of the Jewish Sabbath is a particular insult to observant members of the Jewish community.

This will be the second event Nazis have been allowed to organise against the London Jewish community after a demonstration in Hackney aimed at the Jewish community, when the Nazis could only assembly around 30 activists including the notorious Martin Webster who has a record of criminal convictions for his activities dating back to the National Socialist Movement in the early 1960s. The Hackney demonstration on 18 April was supported by Polish fascists but was opposed by large numbers of people from the local multi-faith and multiracial community.

This time the Nazis will face counter-protesters from the Jewish community, but we hope that thousands of people will turn out to stop them. This is not just a matter for Jewish people but for all who believe in democracy and freedom of faith, and oppose Nazism.

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Nazi terrorist allies on the streets of London again

On Saturday 25 April a group of Britain’s foulest nazis were back at the US Embassy protesting at the continued detention of The Order terrorist Gary Yarbrough for his part in the wave of terror by one of the most infamous extreme-right terrorist gangs. The British Nazi in charge of the protest was Mark Atkinson, who was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment at the Old Bailey in 2005 after a trial of five Racial Volunteer Force and Combat 18 activists. Among the several charges on which he was convicted were running the RVF website and having a hand in a publication that praised the London Nazi bomber David Copeland and included a bomb-making diagram. Now he and his supporters are marching around wearing RVF t-shirts and proclaiming Atkinson’s leadership of the RVF. Paramilitary activity for political ends is illegal, so why are the police doing nothing.  

When they had ended their action at the US Embassy they were led by a Polish Nazi to the South African Embassy to protest against the ongoing detention of Janusz Walus, the killer of the South African anti-apartheid fighter and trade union leader, Chris Hani. Walus was a Polish Nazi living in South Africa, who was hired by an ultra-Conservative Party member who was close to Monday Club and the British Chapter of Western Goals, the very same people who now run the Traditional Britain Group well known to Searchlight readers. Again it looks like the police and the Counter Terrorism Command SO15 are not up to the job.

Below we publish an article from our Polish correspondent, Jacob Fleming, which reveals the violence of the extreme-right comrades of Polish Nazis active in the UK. 

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A day of remembrance and resistance

Saturday 9 May was part of the three-day national celebration to commemorate VE Day, the end of the war against Hitler’s Germany.

Maybe the English Defence League thought this was a good time to march in Walthamstow in east London, not to celebrate the Allied victory but to mourn the death of the man whose warped ideology of Nazism had ended with the blood of millions of civilians and soldiers on his and his followers’ hands.

This was the third time the EDL had announced they were going to march through the streets of what is one of the most integrated communities in the UK, built after years of violence against the Asian community including murders, assaults and arsons.

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Urgent action: Roma families at risk of forced eviction

In Miskolc , Hungary, 160 Roma families (around 900 people) are threatened with eviction. Forced evictions have started. Please take action to stop the evictions. A demonstration has been organised for Thursday 30 April, 6pm, outside the Hungarian Embassy, 35 Eaton Place SW1X 8BY.

Please come, bring your banners if you have any, but most importantly yourself, family and friends. Please spread the word.


Further information from Amnesty International

The Municipality of Miskolc, plans to evict all its tenants from the “Numbered Streets” neighbourhood in Miskolc, Hungary’s fourth largest city, to make way for a football stadium. At least two families have been given notice to vacate their homes by Monday 13 April and Thursday 16 April by a bailiff acting on behalf of the municipality. Others are expected to follow. Speaking to Amnesty International’s delegate on 1 April, one resident who has been told to leave by Monday 13 April said: “the whole thing is about the football, money and racism. They hate Roma people.” 

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