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Death threats to Government Ministers at Nazi gathering

Yesterday 121 Nazis and fascists gathered at the Rembrandt Hotel in South Kensington. They had come to hear David Irving, the infamous Holocaust denier, repeating his lies about Britain’s air war against Hitler’s Germany.

To keep him company he had brought along the Tunisian born German national Abdallah Melaouhi, a former member of the medical staff at Spandau prison in Berlin, where he helped care for Hitler’s deputy Rudolph Hess, who was serving a life sentence handed down to him at the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal conducted by the Allied Powers at the end of the Second World War. Melaouhi had formed a close relationship with Hess who had been born in Alexandria in Egypt.

Hess had flown to Britain after the war was under way to try to meet what he believed were high-ranking Nazi sympathisers. His plane was shot down over Scotland and he was never allowed to contact any potential traitors.

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East End stalwart aged 100 recognised with national honour

A 100-year-old East End stalwart who has fought fascism and helped people throughout his life has been recognised with a national honour.

Max Levitas has been given a British Citizen Award for his services to community.

The British Citizen Awards (BCAs) were launched in January this year to honour the incredible accomplishments of individuals in society who positively impact their communities. BCAs are awarded twice annually, and recognise ‘everyday’ people whose achievements may otherwise be overlooked.

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Nazis barred from Golders Green after thousands of Londoners make a stand

Today it was announced that the Metropolitan Police Service had backed down from insisting that a bunch of Nazi thugs and their allies could hold a static demonstration in Golders Green on Saturday 4 July. Initially the Jewish community and others reacted with shock to the Nazis’ plans and this turned to anger over recent weeks.

Some Jewish people, including veterans of the 43 and 62 Groups, were prepared to argue, rightly, that despite the Nazi rally being on the Sabbath, it was permissible to resist those who would harm their community and others who were targets for the Nazis’ hatred.

Searchlight took action by contacting anti-fascist groups and worked with Jewish and non-Jewish Londoners, maintaining that the Nazis could be chased out by sheer weight of numbers and determination.

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A tale of two demos: London 4 July

I wrote last week warning those opposed to the planned Nazi rally on 4 July in Golders Green, a part of London with a large Jewish population, not to be misled by gossip and misinformation. Four days before the event, the police, under pressure from the Home Office and a large number of people intending to go to Golders Green to tell the Nazis they were not welcome, prohibited the Nazis from gathering there and restricted them to a one-hour protest in Whitehall facing Downing Street, where they would be kettled.

The police turnaround was the result of a massive amount of effort put by a wide range of decent people. Londoners of all faiths and none had stood as one community to face down a common enemy.

On the day the Nazis turned up – all 25 of them – confronted by hundreds of protesters. I haven’t seen such a mixed band of brothers and sisters in years, it was great. You can hear the anti-Nazis’ constant chants of “Nazi scum” and “boring” on the Nazis’ own video.

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National and London leaders to confront Nazi provocation at Golders Green: 4 July at 12 noon

UAF Unity Statement “No to Nazis in Golders Green”

It is an appalling provocation by a tiny group of British neo Nazis who have announced an anti Semitic demonstration, in London, on July 4th. That it is proposed to be in Golders Green, an area, of course, where many Jews have long resided, among London’s multicultural communities, is doubly insulting, to all, Jewish and non Jewish.

The choice of the Jewish Sabbath is a particular insult to observant members of the Jewish community.
This is the second time Nazis have called a recent mobilisation against the Jewish community. However, their demonstration in Hackney could only get around 24 fascists including the long time fascist, ex National Front leader, Martin Webster. Fortunately, local anti fascists resolutely opposed the Nazis. The Clapton Nazi event in April, was opposed by hundreds from the diverse area, that is East London. They did not pass, and nor should there be any platform again, for these little Hitlers.

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