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Like cornered rats

We at Searchlight join the millions of people who have expressed condolence for the families of the innocent victims of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris and wish for a swift recovery for all who have been injured in ISIL’s war against all decent people.

We salute the citizens of Paris who refuse to be defeated and are determined that life in the city will go on. These monsters with twisted minds who claim to be Muslims but adhere to a maliciously distorted form of that faith have to be determinedly stopped.

Anybody who thinks one can negotiate with ISIL is living in cloud cuckoo land. They are like those before the Second World War who thought one could appease Hitler. A strong stance against Hitler and Mussolini when they first started invading neighbouring countries might have saved millions of lives. ISIL’s hateful ideology and determination to destroy all other faiths and cultures is very clear to the world. To negotiate, there has to be some element of common interest between the parties to build on. With ISIL there is none.

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Waltham Forest Migrant Group Public Meeting

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 November 2015 22:44

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Pegida and Generation Identity: you read it here first

For the past four years Searchlight has kept our readers informed about the growth of the most sinister of all the current international National Socialist organisations, Generation Identity (GI). Its strongest links in the UK are with the Traditional Britain Group (TBG) and the London Forum (IONA).

GI’s yellow flags with Spartan symbol were prominently displayed at Pegida’s 20,000 strong rally in Dresden on Monday 19 October. We have seen the same flags at a London conference hosted by the TBG which was addressed by GI’s leading ideologue Markus Willinger.

GI first appeared in Sweden a decade ago at a secret conference that displayed a very heavy Russian influence.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 22 October 2015 12:35

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URGENT APPEAL: Help Reel News get to Lesvos

The situation for over half a million refugees in Lesvos has deteriorated rapidly over the past week with worsening weather. As a result of governments not increasing legal pathways for refugees to reach Europe, at least 15 people have died and some 38 others are missing in five incidents involving smuggler boats carrying hundreds of people by sea between Turkey and the Greek islands.

“Our fears are now being realized. Nearly every day now we are seeing children, parents, the elderly and the young dying as they try to reach Europe,” says UNHCR Senior Operations Coordinator for Greece Alessandra Morelli.

With the mainstream media continuing to ignore this desperate situation, Reel News wants to send an experienced journalist to Lesvos to produce an in-depth photo and video report on the situation on the ground, and find out what we can practically do to help.

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Last Updated on Saturday, 31 October 2015 18:56

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Preston unites against fascism

Hundreds of local people turned out in Preston on Saturday, to take part in the demonstration called by Lancashire Association of Trades Union Councils (LATUC) and supported by Unite Against Fascism, in opposition to the racist protest being held in the city by the fascist organisation the North West Infidels (NWI).

While the NWI shipped in nazis from across Britain, the LATUC/UAF demo involved mainly local people from Preston and Lancashire.

The fascists could only muster around 80 on the demonstration, which was hugely outnumbered by local trades unionists, students, UAF members, councillors, faith group members and other citizens of Preston.

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