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Top international Holocaust denier arrested

One of the world’s leading Holocaust deniers has been arrested in Germany, the German media have reported. Ursula Haverbeck, 87, is the widow of Werner Georg Haverbeck, a leading Nazi during the Third Reich and a close political and personal friend of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess.

The couple, both very well educated, were involved in a number of projects that tried to both deny the Holocaust and undermine Germany’s postwar democratic institutions. She continued her political activities after her husband’s death in 1999. 

She is linked to almost every well known denier of Nazi Germany’s crimes. One of her closest associates is the British Nazi Richard Edmonds, a former officer of both the National Front and the British National Party, who was driven out of the BNP after the death of its founder and one-time chairman John Tyndall. Edmonds, a longstanding Holocaust denier, has convictions for violence and criminal damage.

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Nick Griffin helps launch new European far-right party

Nick Griffin has chaired the launch meeting of a new international Nazi group, supported by Russians and Syrians and led by far-right MEPs and other leading far-right extremists. This explains Griffin’s recent travels to meet up with Putin’s extremist Russian allies and the Syrian government.

Griffin posted the following statement on his “British Unity” Facebook page:

Together for a Europe of Free Nations

The Alliance for Peace and Freedom moves forward in Brussels

Our globalist enemies work together, so it’s vital that we in the National Resistance do the same! Every serious nationalist has known this for years, so we’re very happy to be able to bring you news of real progress towards building a powerful block of radical nationalists all over Europe.

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White Power event is planned in Luton nightclub

On 28 February in Diamond club, 53 Cheapside, Luton there is an event planned at which bands promoting white power racist ideology are going to play.

Gig is organised by a group called WJS , which stands for W Jedności Siła (Strength in Unity), Polish far right group promoting nationalist ideas under banner of “patriotism” . They are connected to (now officially defunct) group called Zjednoczeni Emigranci (United Emigrants) which was responsible for an attack on family event in Tottenham in June 2014 (

Concert is supposed to be a homage to “Outcast Soldiers”- Polish anticommunist underground that fought against Communist authorities in Poland in late 40s and early 50s.

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Greece Solidarity Campaign call for support on Sunday


Dear Friends, this is an urgent appeal for solidarity on the streets with the people of Greece!

The European Central Bank is trying to force the new anti-austerity Greek government to its knees. Its actions provoked mass demonstrations in Athens last week in support of the government anti-austerity stance.  On Wednesday 11 February the Eurozone Finance Ministers have called an Emergency Meeting with Greece where Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will present their plans.

The Greece Solidarity Campaign, Syriza London and other organisations have called for a Mass Rally in support of the people of Greece on Sunday 15th February at 13.00 assembling by the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square as part of an international wave of protests in support of Greece taking place across Europe. Come along with friends and colleagues to show your support for the first anti-austerity government in Europe.

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As Nazis run their third paramilitary training camp, what are the security services doing?

An increasing number of people think our security services are blind in one eye, deaf in both ears and 100% indifferent to the growing threat posed by the paramilitary training of British Nazis.

Below is the Nazi website Western Spring’s report about the third training camp organised by Western Spring and Legion organiser Larry Nunn from Northampton using the alias Max Musson.

Despite overwhelming evidence of guns and knives being part of the training at the last two camps conducted by Russian, Polish and British nazis, the lack of interest from the authorities is startling.

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