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UKIP campaigners cosy up to Britain First

The UK Independence Party is hoping to double its representation in the House of Commons by winning the Rochester by-election on 20 November. Mark Reckless is hoping to win back the seat from which he resigned after transferring allegiance from the Conservatives to UKIP.

He faces a close contest with Kelly Tolhurst, a councillor for Rochester West on Medway Council, who hopes to keep the seat for the Conservatives.

All the main parties have been campaigning in Rochester since shortly after Reckless triggered the poll, as have some of the many no-hopers on the 13-strong candidates’ list. Among them is Jayda Fransen who is standing for the tiny militant Islamophic group, Britain First.

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After 50 Years, Anti-Fascist Magazine, Searchlight, Launches an Arts & Culture Section

I am very pleased to be able to inform our readers of the launch of our new arts and culture website, by way of a Press Release that we are issuing today. The website has been nearly a year in creation. You will see below what sort of articles we are including and something about what inspired our two young arts editors Kathryn and Nick, as well as the longevity of Searchlight’s connection with the arts sine we first appeared 50 years ago.

Read on and we hope you will really enjoy the new site and join in some of the things we will be promoting.

Gerry Gable
Editor/Publisher Searchlight Magazine

Online portal, Searchlight Magazine Arts, goes live

Anti-fascist, anti-racist publication Searchlight Magazine, which recently celebrated its 50th birthday, has just launched a new online arts and culture section, Searchlight Magazine Arts. Through comedy songs, industry interviews, editorial articles, new fiction and two spoof serials, the site aims to tackle how the arts can benefit wider society.

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Aryan Brotherhood a danger, but not part of White Nationalist Movement

A string of violent incidents by Aryan Brotherhood members on the streets of Mississippi has renewed interest in the violent prison gang. As reported by Jerry Mitchell of the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, three incidents during the past summer occurred. A shooting by an Aryan Brotherhood (AB) member in Iuka, a murder of a two-year old child in Jones County by an ABer, and a high speed chase and shooting near Tupelo all added to the long list of murder and misery created by gang members. Mitchell cites a recent investigation of a meth ring organised by the AB in Texas and Oklahoma that led to 73 arrests and convictions.

The Aryan Brotherhood (AB) was first formed in the mid-1960s in the California state prison system and is now strong throughout all the state prisons. The AB established drug trafficking rings, gambling rackets, committed extortion, murdered opponents, and communicated with each other through coded letters. Although they have been subject to multiple investigations, the gang itself is virtually immune because most of its members are already serving life sentences. To join, inmates must draw the blood of another inmate. The only way to get out, according to popular mythology, is to die.

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A match made in hell

Godfrey Bloom, the former UKIP MEP who quit the party last week, has lost no time in making new friends on the far right. On Saturday 18 October he turned up as a special guest speaker at the Traditional Britain Group conference. The man who once shared a Brussels flat with UKIP leader Nigel Farage, was eager to enjoy the company of the racists, Jew-haters, Islamophobes and convicted thief who make up the leadership of the TBG.

But Bloom, who always has a keen eye for publicity, certainly picked the wrong person to pose with in a photo. Bernadette Jaggers from Southend was pictured in Searchlight back in 2009 shortly after Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were elected as British National Party MEPs, when she led a security team protecting the two men from a very angry crowd who were pelting them with eggs.

As the BNP split, Griffin failed to retain his seat in Europe, and Brons set up the still-born British Democratic Party and didn’t bother to defend his seat, Jaggers found a new political home. She has twice stood for election on behalf of what is left of the National Front, but has also be spotted organising protection at meetings frequented by TBG types.

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No Islamophobia at the Oxford Union – sign the open letter to cancel Tommy Robinson’s invite

Sign the open letter here (text below)

Tommy Robinson, ex-leader of the fascist English Defence League (EDL), has been invited to speak at the Oxford Union on 23rd October.

Robinson is trying to present himself as a reformed character, after abandoning his leadership of the EDL after it collapsed following a campaign by anti-fascist and anti-racist organisations.  As leader of the EDL Robinson organised and lead violent racist demonstrations and waged a campaign of demonisation of Muslims.  EDL marchers chanted "you build your Mosques, we'll burn them down", and racially abused black and Asian people.   Many EDL members have been jailed for racist violence, racial abuse and attacks on Mosques, yet Robinson continues to communicate with it's members and issue anti-Muslim statements via social media, including the use of the racist hash tag #rapejihad.

Robinson may have abandoned trying to lead a fascist street army but he continues to incite racial hatred against Muslims under the same false flag of tackling extremism that he used while leading the EDL.  Robinson has recently showed his continuing support for the EDL tweeting "Happy to hear the EDL gave me a round of applause for me before their demo.  The EDL will always hold a place in my heart" as well as circulating lies demonising Muslims with statements like "30,000 Muslims marched through Birmingham demanding these same blasphemy laws."

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