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It seems Hope Not Hate still needs me

How would you feel if an organisation that had unfairly dismissed you, and made false allegations against you and your partner, then used your photo to raise money for itself?

Most people would feel aggrieved. They didn’t have to use the photo, and it wasn’t inadvertent – they clearly knew what they were doing. I’m talking about Hope Not Hate’s latest fundraising email issued today.

I’ve nothing against HNH trying to raise money, after all they have an election campaign to run with anti-UKIP leaflets to print. And it was quite an imaginative idea to ask supporters to send in their ‘hope’ messages for Britain. An email a week ago asked people to write their ‘hope’ on a card, hold it up, take a selfie and send it in. But today’s email, featuring Nick Lowles’s ‘top five’ hopes, didn’t include those photos with the messages but added pictures of their own. The middle photo came from the big 2010 election campaign in Barking and Dagenham and the most prominent person on it is yours truly.

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Brilliant display of trade union opposition to EDL

Around 120 members of the Islamophobic English Defence League arrived by coach in Peterborough for a short march to a rally in southern end of Peterborough’s main shopping area last Saturday.

The local trades council organised a counter protest of around 150 with a magnificent array of trade union banners from: Stevenage and District Trades Council, Unison North West Anglia Health, PCS, Peterborough Pensioners’ Association, Unison Peterborough Police Staff, Kings Lynn Trades Council, Peterborough and Huntingdon Socialist Party, Palestine Solidarity Cambridge, Cambridge Trades Council, Unison Cambridge Health branch – all led by Peterborough Trades Council.

In addition there were a number of young people sporting antifa t-shirts and dozens of Unite Against Fascism placards.

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Tony Benn – obituaries

Searchlight is joining the thousands of people around the world today who are mourning the death of a great and long time respected Socialist.

In his last years he became the President of the Greek Solidarity Campaign, he was present despite his failing health when we all joined together outside the Greek Embassy last year to speak out against the murderous Golden Dawn Nazis.

solidarity with greek anti-fascists-120

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Saying no to racism and fascism

192 lo-res

Around 7,500 anti-fascists and anti-racists gathered in and around Old Palace Yard, opposite the Houses of Parliament, last Saturday to mark United Nations Anti-Racism Day with a march to Trafalgar Square and a rally, organised by the TUC and Unite Against Fascism.

There were scores of union banners from all over the country as the unions Unite, PCS, Unison and many others joined the noisy and cheerful march.

There were also contingents of EU migrants from Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, Roma, Gypsy, Kurdish, Muslim, Christian and other faith communities as well as the Woodcraft Folk, the Dale Farm support group, disability groups and many community campaign groups, including the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign.

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Bob Crow: trade union leader, socialist and anti-fascist, 1961-2014

I write this obituary with the deepest regret, of behalf of not only Searchlight but especially the thousands of trade unionists who work with us through Trade Union Friends of Searchlight (TUFS).

Over the 50 years of Searchlight’s existence, it is hard to recall many other trade union leaders who, like Bob, came from the Left with the fire in their bellies that burned until their passing. The one name that springs to mind is Jack Jones, who came from the poverty of the interwar years on Merseyside to lead the Transport and General Workers Union, one of the largest unions in this country’s history. He fought not only on his home ground but also for the Spanish Republic against Franco and his Nazi and fascist allies, and in the face of our own country turning a blind eye to this rehearsal for World War Two.

Like Bob, Jack was a great supporter of TUFS alongside many other progressive trade union officers and members over the years.

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