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Terrible times

Last Wednesday in Middlesbrough the English Defence League tried to disrupt a peaceful protest at the violence in Gaza. About 15 EDL protesters came waving an England flag and an Israeli flag and purported to show solidarity with Israel. Police intervened when the EDL marched towards about 100 members of Teesside Palestine Solidarity Campaign who have been holding their vigil every Wednesday since mid-July.

I, like I am sure most people, deplore and am greatly saddened by the violence in Gaza that seems unending. Many of the people of that geographically tiny land are suffering terribly, but the people of Israel too have been subjected to violence from Hamas for many years and need peace and security. “Right” in this conflict does not lie wholly on one side, and there are extremists on both sides who do not want peace, but wish the destruction of their opponents. Most of the recent short ceasefires have been broken by Hamas in the first instance, one of several points that many on the left choose to overlook.

One thing is certain though. Nobody needs or wants the support of the EDL, or any of the rest of Britain’s fascists and racists. The British fascist scene is divided between those, such as the EDL and Britain First, who hate Muslims more than they hate Jews, and the more traditional and New Right fascists who still see the Jews (described among other things as ZOG – the Zionist Occupation Government) as the greater enemy of the “white race”, whatever that might be.

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Griffin moves on to a bigger stage

The resignations of Nick Griffin from the chairmanship of the British National Party and James Dowson from the leaderships of Britain First are welcome and will weaken British fascism.

Griffin, who stepped down from his position on Saturday 19 July, had presided over the big growth and subsequent decline of the BNP since he was elected party leader in 1999. The party started its run of council election wins in 2002 (apart from one short-lived success in 1993) and at its peak had around 60 councillors. Griffin’s biggest victory was his election to the European Parliament in 2009, along with Andrew Brons.

But Griffin was always divisive. His period as chairman was marked by internal strife, which Griffin always survived but which weakened the party. He even managed to fall out with Brons, meaning that the two were unable to maximise the benefit of their election as MEPs – thankfully.

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Dave Rich's letter on the Stop the War march in London

As the Editor of Searchlight and the product of a Jewish mother and Christian dad and a observer of neither faith, I want to endorse Dave Rich's open letter.

Searchlight has always supported the idea of a Two State solution in Israel/Palestine.

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Anti-fascists demand answers from police over NF demo

Around 30 fascists from the National Front came to Oxford on Saturday to sow division and to whip up hatred against our Muslim brothers and sisters.

They were cynically attempting to use the horrific cases of sexual abuse of children in Oxfordshire to stir up hatred against Muslim men.

We are proud to have taken part in the much larger Unite Against Fascism counter-protest.

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SEA in Cricklewood: Islamophobes face total humiliation

THE SOUTH East Alliance – a tiny racist and violent splinter group that broke away from the Islamophobic English Defence League a couple of years ago, faced absolute humiliation last Saturday after boasting they were going to march in force along Cricklewood Broadway – but only managed to mobilise 14 supporters plus another three who were too embarrassed to march with them.

Their declared target was an empty shop in the Broadway that was rumoured to a communications centre for the Muslim Brotherhood.

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