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Racist EDL not welcome in Luton this Saturday


The racist and Islamophobic EDL have announced that they will hold an Islamophobic demonstration in Luton on 22 November.

In April and May 2009 the violent and racist EDL held its first protests in Luton. Such mobilisations saw hundreds of thugs rampage through the town attacking the Asian community. Since then the EDL has held a number of  protests around Britain. They’ve attacked people and protesters, caused damage to buildings and smashed up a Hindu temple in Dudley when they couldn’t get close to the mosque.

They’ve attacked mosques in Luton:
- Islamic Centre – 5 May 2009 – Arson attack
- Madinah Masjid – 22 July 2011 – Windows smashed, swastika graffiti and initials ‘EDL’
- Bury Park Jamia Masjid – 2 April 2012 – Arson attack
- Al Hira Masjid – 4 October 2013 – Arson attempt
- Central Masjid – October 2013 – Graffiti

The EDL are a pale shadow of  what they were the last time they were in Luton. Consistent, broad-based campaigning has worn the EDL down. Their leaders, including Tommy Robinson, resigned, even admitting what UAF and others have long said, that those running the EDL are ‘racists and fascists’.  Large-scale opposition to them in Walthamstow and Tower Hamlets was crucial in undermining their support. They are a small collection of rejects from various fascist groups. We want to show the real side of Luton on Saturday, multicultural and anti-racist. Luton belongs to all who want to see the backs of the violent Islamophobes. The EDL are down, let’s keep them that way.

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Protest against Neo-Nazi Supporters of Golden Dawn

Saturday 29 November

11am – opposite Greek Embassy,

1a Holland Park, London W11 3TP
(nearest tube – Holland Park)

Called by UAF

British fascists are demonstrating at the Greek Embassy later this month in a sick show of support for the Nazi, Golden Dawn party.

This is because Golden Dawn’s leaders, including all its MPs, await trial accused of various crimes, including murder, weapons offences, attacks on immigrants and others.

Golden Dawn openly admire Hitler, and is supporters killed Pavlos Fyssas, a Greek anti-fascist rapper, in 2013. Petros Constantinou, a prominent member of the anti-fascist Antarsya, whose supporters have been widely targeted by the extremists, said: “This is an extremely important development and no time should now be wasted in holding this trial and putting these criminals away for life. Their murderous tactics have been tolerated for far too long.”

UAF calls on all who oppose Golden Dawn to stand in solidarity with Greek anti-fascists on this day and join the counter protest. Bring Banners!

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Not thugs but terrorists in the making

With their electoral prospects now infinitesimal, some of Britain’s far-right groups have turned to military training, a development that Searchlight has been watching with growing alarm over the past several months. Some of these groups have strong international links.

A training camp in Wales in August took place under the banner of Sigurd, a flag of convenience to bring together young Nazis from Generation Identity, a group we have written about for nearly two years. Sigurd is also associated with National Action, another convenient cover for their illegal actions. Video film in our possession shows participants at the training camp not only engaging in unarmed combat but also using knives and routines common to the French Generation Identity group.

Of particular concern is a photo that we have had in our possession for some time of a hooded man dressed in combat fatigues holding a handgun.


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Pathetic turnout for NF Remembrance Day parade

IMG 4528 lo-res

The nazi National Front staged the smallest ever fascist Cenotaph march on Sunday afternoon with fewer than 50 on the march and only 28 staying to listen to the NF’s boring speakers.

One who did bother was Bernadette Jaggers, former minder to Nick Griffin, ex-leader of the British National Party. Jaggers also attends meetings of the Traditional Britain Group, where she was pictured in the company of Godfrey Bloom, the controversial former UK Independence Party MEP.

IMG 4432 lo-res

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Bye bye National Front

The National Front can no longer contest elections, it seems, following a decision by the Electoral Commission to deregister the party. It is understood that the Electoral Commission was unable to work out which of the two competing NF factions was the real one, so it shut the party down. The decision has so far not been made public on the Commission website.

The NF was formed in 1967 and reached a peak in 1979 when it fielded 303 candidates and polled 191,719 votes. After the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher attracted many of the NF’s supporters, the party declined and went through a series of splits. Even its former leader John Tyndall became a victim of the infighting, and went on to form the group that eventually became the British National Party.

The rump of the NF limped on, sustained by the veteran Nazi and notorious antisemite Richard Edmonds and the violent drunkard Eddy Stampton. The internal strife in the BNP over the past few years resulted in a few former BNP activists joining the NF, but lately the party has split geographically into a southern faction run by Ian Edward and Bernadette Jaggers, and a larger northern faction led by Kevin Bryan and Chris Jackson. Although Edmonds lives in London, until recently he was one of the leading lights of the northern faction.

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