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National Action threaten return to Liverpool

The neo-Nazi sect National Action claim they will return to Liverpool (scene of their humiliation in August), on Saturday 12 September. Liverpool maintained its fine anti-fascist tradition on 15 August 15 when thousands of locals, UAF, AFN, trade unionists and others marched and showed the door to the little Hitlers. The Nazis did not march and were of course “escorted out”, testimony to the anti fascist mobilisation. They claim to want to be at the Pier Head to spout their filth.

Their claim to be returning may be bluster, but we can’t be complacent. Across Europe, where fascists have not been challenged they grow and pump their poison out, causing great damage to all they target. We will not allow this to happen here. UAF is asking supporters/anti-fascists and all who turned out so brilliantly in August to be on guard and ensure that should the Nazis be in Liverpool in September, they will again be humiliated. We will be recirculating our well supported Unity statement against these fascists.

At the moment the fascist threat seems genuine. We have put a call out for people to assemble for a UAF demonstration on the day. At present we are asking anti-fascists to meet at 12 noon at the Pier Head.

More details on the UAF Facebook page.

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Demonstrate against NF & NWI fascists TOMORROW

Demonstrate against the National Front and North West Infidels


Saturday 22 August


The National Front and North West Infidels, a hooligan gang closely associated with the English Defence League, are holding a public activity in Manchester tomorrow.

Unite Against Fascism have called for people to demonstrate against the NF and NWI tomorrow at 12:30pm at Piccadilly Gardens in support of the multicultural communities of Manchester, and to keep Nazis out of Manchester. 

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Missing: the BNP’s 2014 accounts

“I take my responsibilities [as Treasurer] seriously,” wrote Clive Jefferson on the British National Party website today in a long article about a man called James Connolly who died in September 2012 and foolishly left a large sum of money to the party.

The sum in question turned out to be £170,685.43. Jefferson says that he “talked to Jim extensively when drawing up his will and by leaving his gift to the BNP, he knew we could be bolder in our aims, safe in the knowledge that funds will be there in the years to come”.

Jefferson may well have persuaded Connolly of that, but the fact is that the BNP has been insolvent for some years and its income has been falling, along with its membership. Jefferson did manage to bring in a few substantial legacies, including Connolly’s, but the last time a living supporter made a donation big enough to be reported to the Electoral Commission was in October 2009.

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National Action humiliated in Liverpool

Saturday 15 August was truly a Red Letter Day for the citizens of Liverpool.

For the past couple of months the openly Nazi group National Action have threatened the city with an invasion under the banner “White Man’s March”. They were perhaps hoping to redeem the reputation of the far right after the defeat of the “White Man’s March” in Newcastle on 21 March, when a coalition of far right extremists, including Polish and other overseas allies, got their arses well and truly kicked by thousands of counter demonstrators from the still mighty North East trade union movement as well as the police countering the nazis’ violence with a series of strategic arrests.

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Demonstrate against the fascist ‘White Man March’

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