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Nazis barred from Golders Green after thousands of Londoners make a stand

Today it was announced that the Metropolitan Police Service had backed down from insisting that a bunch of Nazi thugs and their allies could hold a static demonstration in Golders Green on Saturday 4 July. Initially the Jewish community and others reacted with shock to the Nazis’ plans and this turned to anger over recent weeks.

Some Jewish people, including veterans of the 43 and 62 Groups, were prepared to argue, rightly, that despite the Nazi rally being on the Sabbath, it was permissible to resist those who would harm their community and others who were targets for the Nazis’ hatred.

Searchlight took action by contacting anti-fascist groups and worked with Jewish and non-Jewish Londoners, maintaining that the Nazis could be chased out by sheer weight of numbers and determination.

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National and London leaders to confront Nazi provocation at Golders Green: 4 July at 12 noon

UAF Unity Statement “No to Nazis in Golders Green”

It is an appalling provocation by a tiny group of British neo Nazis who have announced an anti Semitic demonstration, in London, on July 4th. That it is proposed to be in Golders Green, an area, of course, where many Jews have long resided, among London’s multicultural communities, is doubly insulting, to all, Jewish and non Jewish.

The choice of the Jewish Sabbath is a particular insult to observant members of the Jewish community.
This is the second time Nazis have called a recent mobilisation against the Jewish community. However, their demonstration in Hackney could only get around 24 fascists including the long time fascist, ex National Front leader, Martin Webster. Fortunately, local anti fascists resolutely opposed the Nazis. The Clapton Nazi event in April, was opposed by hundreds from the diverse area, that is East London. They did not pass, and nor should there be any platform again, for these little Hitlers.

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Break the chains of Greece’s debt!

Rally Trafalgar Square Tuesday 23 June 6.30pm

Following demonstrations in Brussels, Luxemburg, several German cities and Athens, London will add its voice to the call for a just agreement with Greece.

The Greek people are being held to ransom by international creditors for an enormous and unpayable debt that they don’t owe and can’t pay.

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Nazi terrorist convicted for murderous attack

Zack Davies was today found guilty of the attempted murder of an Asian dentist on 14 January this year.

Dr Sarandev Bhambra was shopping in Tesco’s in Mold, North Wales, when Davies, 26, burst into the store and rushed up shouting about Lee Rigby, the soldier killed in Woolwich, southeast London, by two Islamist extremists, and wearing a White Power t-shirt.

His victim turned to see him wielding a machete and hammer. His hand was almost severed. He turned and attempted to run away but was struck down with hammer blows to his head and back, and fell down.

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Campaign grows against Nazi Golders Green rally

Anti-nazis are calling on as many people as possible to oppose Nazi plans to stage a provocative “hate the Jews” demonstration in Golders Green, northwest London on Saturday 4 July. I reported on the Nazi event and initial protests here.

We are working closely with the Campaign Against Antisemitism UK. They have set up a Facebook event and are asking everyone who objects to hardline Nazi street provocations to click “join” and pass the message on to their contacts.

Under the slogan “They shall not pass”, they are also calling for a large turnout to stop the Nazis if the demonstration goes ahead.

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