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London hosts major gathering of international Holocaust deniers

At noon on Saturday 11 April under the clock at Victoria Station, better known for lovers’ trysts, a group assembled who were not lovers but serious haters. It contained leading figures from the USA, Canada and Spain, who were joined by veteran British Nazis and fascists.

From Spain came one of the most infamous postwar Nazi leaders, Pedro Varela, a man who thrived in his country during the Franco years and through his relationship with top wartime SS exiled generals, who were living in Spain because elsewhere they would have been tried for treason and war crimes.

Although born in 1957, Varela’s political roots lie in a unit set up by SS leader Heinrich Himmler that went by the name of Natinform. Not always as loyal as Hitler thought, by 1944 Himmler had feelers out to the Allies, through Switzerland, in the guise of Allen Dulles, head of the OSS, forerunner of the CIA which he was later to lead. At the same time Himmler was working hard to set up groups abroad in an attempt to secure the future of national socialism. As part of this he sent an SS Major to Malmö in neutral Sweden. The Major had been responsible for running the brothels in the concentration camp system, under Himmler’s control, where women and young boys were subjected to disgusting violence at the hands of their captors. Add a comment

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Say no to Pegida and the EDL this weekend

UAF newsletter

1. Reject racist and Islamophobic Pegida UK Saturday 4 April, London 

2. No to the EDL - Justice for the victims of child sexual exploitation Saturday 4 April, Oxford

3. UAF condemns attack on Synagogue in Stamford Hill 

4. Stand up to UKIP national day of action Saturday 11 April


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Stop the fascist EDL hijacking the suffering of Oxfordshire victims of child exploitation

Over 120 individuals and organisations have signed an open letter launched by Oxford Unite Against Fascism condemning the decision by the English Defence League to call a national demonstration in Oxford following the jailing of a group of men for sexual exploitation of children. Local councillors, trade union branches and trade union activists, and concerned citizens are included in those who accuse the EDL of exploiting the suffering of victims of abuse in an attempt to stir up race hatred against the Muslim community.

The EDL is a violent racist organisation that is always seeking to demonise Muslims.   Now it wants to cynically exploit the terrible suffering of abused children in Oxfordshire to attack Muslims, stating it wants to "keep a blowtorch on the Oxford Muslim community" The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre reports that child sexual exploitation is not confined to one community, age, demographic, social status or gender.  We can't allow the EDL to turn the failure to protect children from sexual exploitation into a racist campaign to advance the EDL's fascist politics.

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Stop the EDL in Oxford

Respect to Oxford UAF supporters out today building the anti-fascist march next Saturday. They faced harassment from larger numbers of EDL members who were out in force to build their racist march.

Thanks to members of the public who rushed to the UAF stall in support.

Today's events show that the EDL are serious about building locally, having toured town this morning handing out their hate leaflets. This surge in EDL activity and their confidence to harass anti-fascists demonstrates that anti-racists and anti-fascists in Oxford need to mobilise in the run up to the demonstration and beyond to ensure we are always the majority.

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On Guard against Nazi Terror

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