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Photographer seriously injured covering Nazi violence in Dover

An anti-fascist professional photographer was seriously beaten by Nazis during an anti-immigration protest in Dover organised by the extremist National Front on 30 January.

The police have arrested the alleged attackers and are in the process of bringing charges. So as not to potentially prejudice the criminal justice process, we refrain from giving further details, except to say that the photographer suffered severe injuries and has undergone reconstructive surgery.

The demonstration was supported by several openly Nazi groups including British Movement, various Infidels from the Northwest and Wales, Casual gangs, bikers and some street-fighting veterans of the notorious Chelsea Headhunters.

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Licio Gelli’s ‘permanent plot’ to restore Italian fascism

The country that invented fascism remains culturally and politically fascist to the present day, an evolving tendency seemingly invincible. This is the subject of a book just published in Italy (A Noi! by Tommaso Cerno) that seeks to demonstrate how behind the democratic façade and “politically correct” language, the Italians, in their relationship with power, are not sufficiently mature to live by democratic rules in a civil society. There is a majority prone to be led by traitors, hypocrites or plain delinquents.

The Mafia, the Vatican, Berlusconi and innumerable representatives of criminality, corruption or duplicity are cited in abundance in an A-Z that goes from Mussolini to Matteo Renzi, the current Prime Minister. But in the 298 pages one name is missing: Licio Gelli. A curious, or perhaps significant oversight, because if there is a personification of Cerno’s assertion surely one cannot fail to put him centre stage.

Described by some as the most important and influential man in Italian history since the Second World War, Gelli, who died recently aged 96 at his Tuscan villa, left as an epitaph the sentence: “I fought for fascism. I am a fascist. I shall die a fascist.” He was laid in his coffin wearing the badge of the Partito Nazionale Fascista created by Mussolini in 1921. But it was the coda to the epitaph that resonated even more disturbingly: in 2003 Gelli declared that the plan he had devoted himself to for the best part of his life, though ordained by masters in higher places, had been quite successful: “Here we are” he said “everything is being put in place little by little, bit by bit”.

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The NSU and neo-Nazi “network of support” in 21st century Germany

The now three-year saga that is the National Socialist Underground (NSU) trial trundles on. Perhaps the most notable event transpired at the end of 2015, some 30 months into the Munich trial on 8 December 2015. Yet the long-awaited testimony of Beate Zschäpe was even more of a damp squib that feared, with The Guardian reporting that she claimed ‘she was not involved in the planning or carrying out of the attacks but that she regretted failing to prevent them’. Zschäpe seems to have rarely answered a single question honestly. While most of her testimony was not credible – this was surely neither a liberal nor a victim of NSU brutality like those murdered by her confreres Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt – some of the details she provided were, in fact, quit instructive. Particularly revealing was her claim that Böhnhardt was never willing to subordinate to any command or leadership. If true, this means that it is very unlikely that the trio received orders from anyone else in carrying out at least 10 murders, two bombings and several robberies. This admission opens onto an important consideration: the structure of the NSU, its ‘network of support’, and the manner in which they selected victims.

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Polish NOP invites British Nazi speakers

Two leading British Nazis addressed a conference of the fascist National Rebirth of Poland (NOP) party in Silesia, last November. Entitled “The nation state in the era of globalisation”, the conference in Rybnik, southwest Poland, brought together leading Polish fascists, two professors from the University of Economics in Katowice and a number of NOP members living in the UK.

Jez Turner in RybnikKevin Layzell in RybnikPiers Mellor in RybnikJeremy Bedford-Turner of the London Forum spoke on “European resistance to the threat of national identity” and Kevin Layzell, a young Nazi activist who flits around the far-right scene, spoke on the theme: “Third Position – together in defence of peoples”. Layzell briefly ran the British National Party’s youth organisation despite being only a probationary member of the party, until he was expelled by Steve Squire, the London organiser, for being “not right for the BNP”.

Among the audience was Piers Mellor, an Australian Nazi living in London who took part in a Moscow-inspired anti-Ukrainian protest in March 2015 and an “anti-Jewification” demonstration in Whitehall on 4 July 2015 organised by the Nazi activist Eddy Stampton.

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Strange associates

We have always known that Andrew Rosindell, the Conservative MP for Romford, stands on the far right of his party and that some UK Independence Party MEPs are not too particular about the company they keep.

Our attention was drawn recently to a photograph of the launch in Romford market of a local cross-party campaign to leave the European Union, consisting of members and elected representatives from the Conservatives, Labour, UKIP, and the Residents’ Association in the east London borough of Havering.

Havering anti-EU group

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