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The alternative future of the BNP discussed

A well-known forum currently has a discussion around the question of what the BNP might have achieved without Nick Griffin's never-ending dictatorship chairmanship. Bearing in mind the fact that every BNP-related forum is swamped with angry ex-members rather than supportive current members, who appear to be in a distinct minority, the conclusion generally is that Griffin has single-handedly ruined the party intentionally or simply through incompetence.

Rather more interesting though, is the original statement that started the discussion. This seems hardly to have been questioned, leading to the suspicion that, generally-speaking, former BNP members seriously believe the party could have achieved extraordinary things politically without its current leader.

Even with its current leader, it managed to achieve a fair amount at its peak. A couple of MEPs, a member of the Greater London Assembly and fifty-five councillors is not, after all, to be sneered at, even if they were largely elected as a poke in the eye to the established parties rather than because the general public believed they were worth putting into office.

The BNP's delusional membership though - and to a large extent, even angry ex-members - believe that it could have done so much better. How much better? Here's a few sections of the original post detailing its lack of potential:

'Probably around 40,000+ members.'

The BNP at far and away its most popular could only muster up around 10,000 members, probably a good deal less. Nobody knows what its current membership is, though guesstimates range between 2 and 4,000. The days when it could possibly have gone on to a 40,000-strong membership are long gone following a succession of useless, inept and criminal councillors who showed the public exactly what could be expected from the BNP when it stepped into the council chamber.

'An activist base on the ground that dwarfed the main parties.'

Most regions - let alone towns - have NO BNP presence at all. Birmingham, for example, used to have several sections that had to be broken down to be managable. Now there's barely a single section that hardly supports itself. Blackpool used to have one of the largest branches in the country and now it barely qualifies for branch status at all. This is reflected across the UK.

'Meetings that were protected from Reds due to a large volume of individuals prepared to protect Nationalist gatherings.'

"Reds" is BNP code for anyone who stands in opposition to the party. Those who oppose the BNP tend to do so in noisy but peaceful ways, such as having a demo outside while watching self-important dimwits like Clive Jefferson beg the police to arrest us for protesting. On the other hand, BNP meetings in my area resulted in two attacks on female protestors after the demo's were over and they were walking home.

'RWB that regularly attracted thousands of people.'

The BNP's Red, White and Blue gathering was a giant piss-up complete with extreme noise problems, drink-related violence, idiots with weapons wandering around, the odd threesome and a bit of golliwog-burning for good measure. Is ANYONE surprised that the RWB has failed?

'Table top sales in every town centre'

There aren't enough BNP activists to have a table-top sale in every major city and the ones that actually happen are generally driven off by the hostility of the public and/or spontaneous (and again noisy) demonstrations. For a party that claims its membership is committed to its cause, it don't half scuttle off quickly at the sight of the opposition.

'A large activist base that could be called upon to protest against mosques, leftist meetings etc, at the drop of a hat.'

The only way Nick Griffin can kid anyone that there is a BNP activist base of any size at all, is by attending EDL events and pretending that everyone there is a BNP supporter. This won't be possible for much longer anyway because the EDL activist base is drifting away faster than Griffin's lot.

'...quite possibly MPs.'

I almost choked reading that. Here's a prediction I'm willing to make publicly - the BNP will NEVER get an MP under the first past the post (FPTP) system that is practised in our democracy. Under some kind of idiotic proportional representation (PR) scheme, maybe, but that will never replace FPTP in the UK - ever.

'Most of all an...activist base who would have the support of large swathes of the population.'

The BNP just hasn't got it yet - not even the people who have left in anger or despair. The party is loathed by 'large swathes of the population' and nothing will change that. If you don't believe me, reflect on the fact that a recent by-election earned the BNP a glorious 27 votes. Bonkers Bill Banana and his Talking Dog from the Raving Loonies could have got more than that but at least they'd have given the voters a laugh.

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