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Del-Boy Griffin strikes again


About the only car the BNP can afford

Way back in 2007 I wrote an article in which I debated whether the BNP's great plan, meaning Nick Griffin's great plan, was simply to make money or to encourage a civil/race war. At the time, I concluded that there were serious grounds for believing that the BNP had a secret agenda and that that agenda was to raise money to fund Griffin's crusade, which was to bring about a race war that would mark the entry of the BNP into the mainstream of British politics, incidentally making Griffin rich in the process.

Now I'm not so sure. Obviously Griffin has to run a political party because that's his, as he sees it, entry to riches. I've written before about his desire for a second term at the European Parliament and the reasoning behind that but Griffin is nothing if not pragmatic. For years, as he has quietly weeded his enemies out of the BNP, he must have been aware that the decreasing membership ran in parallel with his stricter control of the party - but how could he maintain his position as dictator while funds are drying up?

There was a statement of Griffin's, made back in the Spring 1999 issue of Patriot, the BNP's then in-house magazine. In this issue, Griffin came out with a statement that I believe has been at the root of his actions since:

'In increasingly hard economic times, a group of people the size of the BNP and its support base can provide a significant assured market for a variety of small businesses.'

Since leaving university, Griffin has failed at every business venture he has undertaken: he was made bankrupt and he almost bankrupted his parents, leaving them with his debts to pay off. The farm where he and his family live is owned by his wife, Jackie - or at least it's in her name - just in case he manages to go bankrupt again.

Griffin's time as leader of the BNP has seen an extraordinary succession of business ventures established, with the sole idea of providing an income for the leader and his chums at the top of the party. We probably don't even know half the insane ideas that have died a quick death, but here's a few that have seen the light of day:

Affordable Cars (A con by Del-Boy Griffin to sell rusty heaps of crap to BNP members for a quick profit. It went bust because the cars were a) rusty, and b) heaps of crap)

Skip-Hire Registry (A skip-brokering business that was possibly the most stupid idea I've ever heard)

Horse Matters (Apparently everything to do with horses. The site doesn't work now and never has)

Advocado Mortgages (Mortgage broker. Your mortgage in Nick Griffin's hands. Is anyone surprised that this died very fast?)

Land and People (Yet another sub-group of the BNP that's now defunct)

Boadicea (A renovated double-decker, that was supposed to tour the UK advertising the BNP. Allegedly £80k was raised for the work, of which the owner saw a 'small contribution'. The bus is now dumped in a barn in Cornwall)

Avocado Marine Finance (Another brokerage service, this time for people considering buying boats)

American Friends of the BNP (Failed amid rumours of missing money and unreported donations)

Brightahomes (A double-glazing brokers. The Brightahomes site still exists, though the domain appears to be no longer registered)

Albion Life (Life insurance. Albion Life ceased to operate soon after it started and the link for Albion Life now goes to a site named Leisure Mortgages. A Whois search shows that the site is registered to former BNP webmaster Steve Blake, who is thought to have long-ago distanced himself from the party, so presumably is hoping to get rich off the back of a BNP failure. The domain was updated on December 5th 2011)

Trafalgar Club (A very odd group of better-off BNP members who donate large quantities of cash that promptly disappear into Nick Griffin's bottomless pocket)

Civil Liberty (A so-called civil rights group that seems to have done nothing of any consequence - ever)

Solidarity (The BNP's very own union. Run by the much-despised Patrick Harrington - not a party member - the union is said to be paying his wages/expenses and little else. Amazing, because membership costs a pretty hefty £96 a year for absolutely bugger all benefit)

Christian Council of Britain (The BNP's attempt to hook in a few Christians, led by the patently insane Robert West, the party's very own fake vicar)

Great White Records (Now defunct, this was the BNP's attempt to break into the 'patriotic' music market. Most of the music was shite. GWR was said to have cost around £50k to set up and was a disaster from the start. Nobody knows what has happened to the equipment/money from the venture)

Project Iona (The BNP's attempt to appeal to any misty-eyed heritage-freaks who might be interested - not to be confused with the other IONA)

ABEX (Apparently, this veteran's support group made quite a bit of money during its existence. Unfortunately, no-one knows what happened to it. ABEX seems to have evolved into the British Veteran's Group, yet another BNP front)

Excalibur (The BNP's tat-selling arm. Reminiscent of a market stall selling cheap knock-offs from China, Excalibur has managed to survive for a few years by selling cheap rubbish for extortionate prices. What happens to the profit? You may well ask)

Truth Truck (Not strictly a business until you consider that countless thousands have been raised for its purchase and upkeep, yet it has never been purchased, only leased)

The point of this list (which I'm sure isn't exhaustive) is so that readers can see Griffin's statement in context. He believes the BNP can support a number of businesses, and he has tried to get a lot running over the years, hardly any of which generate enough cash to support those running the business or, when they actually DO make money, find the profits hived off either to support a bunch of incompetent idiots (Pat Harrington and Clive Jefferson spring to mind) or to disappear into the bottomless hole of Nick Griffin's offshore accounts. If this wasn't the case, the party would be in a lot less debt than it was until very recently.

Remember just a couple of years back when the BNP owed a measly £600,000? Then the anti-abortion nut Jim Dowson was brought in to fundraise for the party and, it was claimed, raised over £2m. Now, according to Griffin's closing address at last week's BNP Organiser's Conference, the party is £850,000 in debt! Is this the result of theft, incompetence or sheer stupidity? Whichever, any CEO of a company who returned figures like these and had such a long series of failed side ventures on his record, would be booted out on his arse.

Of course, BNP members can't actually get rid of Griffin. The rules and the construction of the party have been changed and manipulated so much that he is the party's dictator for as long as he chooses to stay in office - or until the party finally collapses, the victim of yet another bankruptcy caused by Nick Griffin, the Del-Boy Trotter of British politics.

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