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Dear friends and comrades

Let me first wish you all a very happy New Year and then offer my apologies for not posting anything on my personal blog on the Searchlight website since early November.

Gerry Gable, the editor at Searchlight magazine, has asked me to undertake a serious research project for the magazine. It’s something I am more than happy to do, as Gerry and I have worked well together for several years in the intelligence field that Gerry has led on since Searchlight’s inception in May 1964.

The only downside is that it will leave me with very little time to keep up with my blog. But we both feel this new project would be an excellent way of using my time.

My regular contacts can still contact me via the magazine if they have any news they think may be of assistance in fighting the fascists and racists.

In the meantime let’s all keep up the battle.


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