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BNP leader Nick Griffin humiliates himself on NI talk show


Griffin trying to think up a quick lie on the Nolan Show

If there's anything better calculated to brighten the darkest day than Nick Griffin attempting to pretend he's a real politician by appearing on a talk show, I don't know what it is.

Remember Question Time? Prior to its airing, I was totally opposed to Griffin being allowed on to a national talk show to spread his views around but in the event he proved to be embarrassingly inept and, if nothing else, gave us all a good laugh while attempting to persuade us that the Ku Klux Klan is not a violent organisation while trying to leeringly ingratiate himself with fellow guest, the playwright and novelist, Bonnie Greer.

Thus, his appearance on the BBCNI's Stephen Nolan Show would be bound to brighten up even the windiest and wettest of our early autumn days. And indeed it did because, as usual, Griffin bluffed, simpered and leered through the whole show, except when he went on the attack because the questions were too difficult.

This difficult line of questioning was pounced upon by Derrick Day, who is widely believed to be Griffin's lieutenant in the BNP, Patrick Harrington, on the British Democracy Forum, who said;

'The reporter is not only native but also has the benefit of the BBC's extensive research facilities and yet is reduced to trying to trip Mr Griffin up by asking him to chant irrelevant trivia.'

And what was this 'irrelevant trivia'? That Griffin was forced to reveal that he had only spent 'four or five days' in Northern Ireland over the previous twelve months, that he couldn't remember in which seats the BNP had stood (it was only three, after all), had no idea how many votes the BNP had won and that he had no idea how high youth unemployment is in Northern Ireland (currently 24%). Not exactly trivial questions for a leader of a political party, even one as crap as the BNP.

Naturally, not everyone could tolerate the sight of Griffin humiliating himself and his party again. This comment is from the BDF's DownWithBigBrother;

'I actually could not bring myself to view the clip. My finger hovered over the icon for a few seconds, but I just could not do it. A wave of revulsion passed over me. Griffin literally is nauseatingly vile.'

Other comments there and on other websites showed a remarkably similar theme;

'He really should retire. If he hasn't realised how hated he is he must be hopelessly deluded. He is a useless, inept, traitor and loser.'

'He is just a dim-witted, glutinous fat con-man; nothing else. I utterly despise this creature.'

But I'll leave you with a typically acerbic comment from Sharon Ebanks, once a key activist in the BNP, before she was dumped on from a great height by Porky Griffin himself. This was said when the video was posted;

'OK, so this is the BNP forum, but why do you have to keep making us suffer the image of this dozy, fat, twat?'

She certainly has a way with words. Or at least a better way with words than Nick Griffin has.

The video is here.

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