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Ultra-right conservative and quasi-patriotic organisations active in Britain

In this final section of our annual review of Britain’s far right, Cato investigates a few of the ultra-right conservative groups that are mostly not fascist or Nazi though some individuals involved have fascist links or background.

Bloomfield Books

Founded 1970s as a publishing company and bookseller. Bloomfield Books distributes white supremacist, racist, antisemitic and Holocaust denial material, such as the Tsarist forgery The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Sudbury, Suffolk-based mail order company acted as distributor for the now defunct British League of Rights (BLR) for many years. It uses the trading name Intelligence Publications UK.

Director: Donald Arthur Martin (former National Director, British League of Rights; former chairman, South Suffolk branch, UK Independence Party) since the 1970s

British Patriots Society

Founded June 2011 as a patriotic nationalist campaigning organisation. The BPS organised a march in London on 20 August 2011.

Co-founders: Sara R. Roocroft and David Roocroft and

Conservative Monday Club

Founded 1 January 1961 originally as the Monday Club, it adopted its present name in 1996. The Club is named after the day of the week of its lunchtime meetings at the house of its first chairman and represents the traditionalist right-wing of the Conservative Party. It rallied opposition to the new policy of decolonisation announced by Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in his ‘wind of change’ speech to the South African Parliament in Cape Town on 3 February 1960. The Monday Club played a significant role in Conservative politics until the end of the 1970s. It was initially preoccupied with issues of law and order, race and immigration, and Rhodesia and South Africa. Since the 1980s the Club has been consistently opposed to Britain’s membership of the EU.

2013-01-ultra-right conservative and quasi-patriotic organisations-02The Club’s longstanding links with the Conservative Party were suspended on 18 October 2001 by Iain Duncan Smith, the party leader at the time, because of its views on race and immigration. The Club advocated a policy of voluntary or financially assisted repatriation of ethnic minorities to their countries of ethnic origin. This policy was removed in August 2001 from the Club’s stated aims on its website after BBC's Radio 4’s Today programme pointed out that it was the same as advocated by the British National Party.

The Conservative Monday Club is run by an eight-strong Executive Council.
Co-founders: Paul L. H. Bristol, Ian Greig, Cedric Gunnery, Anthony Maclaren and Angus Nicol
President: Viscount (John) Massereene and Ferrard (former Patron, Right Now! magazine, who is on record as saying: “If you say I am a racist, yes I certainly am and proud of it”, The Observer, 26 January 1997), since 1981
Chairman: Andrew Hunter (former Conservative MP, 1983-2005 and Patron, Right Now! magazine) since 2008
National Secretary: Andrew Grocock (activist, Democracy Movement), since early 2000s
Other Executive Council members include: John Hocking, Barry R. Lenz (who has reportedly been associated with the antisemitic British League of Rights), Hon Denis Walker (former Rhodesian Cabinet minister who fled to Britain in 1982) and Leo F. Walters (veteran anti-Marketeer and Powellite since the early 1960s)
Publications: The Journal (irregular) and Club Comment newsletter
Membership: 500 (Membership has declined considerably since the late 1980s. It reached a peak of nearly 10,000 members in 1971, including 35 Conservative MPs and 35 Peers)

England is Ours

Founded January 2011 as an English nationalist organisation. England Is Ours is anti-immigration and opposes multiculturalism. It is anti-Islamist and campaigns against the ‘Islamisation of Britain’ and the construction of new mosques. It advocates the Pioneer Little Europe concept of establishing autonomous white communities on the model in the Pacific North West of the United States. Milton-Keynes-based.

Founder and Secretary: Barry Taylor (former member, British National Party, until 2007 and England First Party candidate in Milton Keynes at the 2008 local elections)
Membership: 30

English Democrats Party

Founded 17 September 2002 by the merger of the English National Party (ENP), which had been founded in 1997 by Robin Tilbrook, and several other small English nationalist parties, the English Democrats Party (EDP) is an English nationalist party which does not advocate independence for England. It campaigns for English self-government and the establishment of a devolved English Parliament within a renegotiated UK. The EDP aims to assert English consciousness and to preserve and promote English culture, heritage and national identity. It seeks to position itself as the English equivalent of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Plaid Cymru (PC) in Wales. The party hopes to attract support ahead of the independence referendum in Scotland in autumn 2014. The EDP has never won a Westminster parliamentary seat at a general election or by-election in its 11-year existence.

2013-01-ultra-right conservative and quasi-patriotic organisations-06The EDP absorbed the Reform-UK Party (founded in 2000) on 1 January 2005 and the New England Party (founded in 2003) in February 2007. It has sought to establish common ground with other small parties since 2004. The EDP has tried in vain since 2010 to unite the disparate English nationalist parties and campaigning organisations in the so-called ‘English Movement’. In the run up to the 2010 general election the EDP approached other fringe parties, including the UK Independence Party, in order to establish electoral pacts, which did not materialise. There has been an infusion of former BNP members into the EDP since 2010. Despite this influx the party’s membership has not risen much above 3,000.

The EDP advocates Britain’s withdrawal from the EU [originally, unless a fundamental renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU could be achieved. The EDP adopted a tougher stance on the EU at its EGM in Leeds on 18 March 2006, when it agreed to campaign for a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU, including the option of withdrawal]. The EDP co-founded the English Lobby in April 2004, together with the far-right Freedom Party (now defunct) and Third Way (which has since become the National Liberal Party), as a cross-party loose umbrella lobby organisation to defend and promote English culture, values and national identity and the national interests of the ethnic English community. The Freedom Party and Third Way both later withdrew from the English Lobby. The EDP has also close links with the non-party Campaign for an English Parliament, founded on 5 October 1998.

The EDP is run by a nine-strong National Executive. It has a 21-strong National Council, comprising the chairman, ten area chairman and ten elected ordinary members. The EDP has one elected Mayor: Peter Davies (former member, Reform-UK Party) in Doncaster, since 2009. It has fewer than ten district, county and parish councillors across England.

Co-founder and chairman: Robin Charles William Tilbrook (solicitor and former member, Conservative Party) since 2002
Secretary: Derek Hilling, since 2010
Steven Uncles (chairman, EDP South East and South West regions; founder, English Passport blog, and who has been the prime mover in attempts by the EDP to establish links with other like-minded nationalist parties and organisations, including the England First Party, ahead of the 2009 European election and separately with Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland) 2007-2008
Prominent activists: Chris Beverley (chairman, EDP Leeds branch, since 2011 and former BNP regional organiser for Yorkshire and Humber, 2009-11), Eddy Butler (former BNP national organiser, 2008-10) and Andy Kershaw (former secretary and treasurer, Yorkshire and Humber BNP) and
Publications: England Arise! (from 2012) bi-monthly magazine, formerly England Awake (2011-12) and The English Voice (May 2003-2010), quarterly magazine
Membership: claims 3,000
English Green

Founded 2010 as an English nationalist grassroots campaigning organisation, it attempts to fuse radical patriotism, environmentalism, localism and animal welfare. It is anti-immigration and advocates population control. It is run by a Steering Group. Hornchurch-based.

Founder: Timothy (Tim) Patrick Bragg (co-founder, Steadfast journal and former English Democrats Party candidate at the 2004 European election)
Prominent activists: Wayne John Sturgeon (founder, Albion Awake! and former editorial committee member, Alternative Green magazine) and Graham Williamson (former chairman of Third Way and deputy chairman, National Front, 1980s)

English Shieldwall

Founded December 2009 as an ethnic English nationalist campaigning organisation, the shadowy non-party English Shieldwall (ES) campaigns for independence for England and the establishment of an English Parliament. It aims to safeguard the culture, heritage and identity of the English, is anti-immigration and is opposed to multiculturalism. It is anti-Islamist and campaigns against the introduction of Sharia law in England. The ES works closely with the Steadfast Trust. ES organised a ‘Stop Anglophobia!’ march in Leicester on 23 May 2010. Its activists regularly attend English Defence League demonstrations. It has a decentralised structure comprising several local branches across England.

Co-founders: Lee Simon Ingram (runs English Community Group (Leicester); member, English People’s Party and former chairman, Leicester English Democrats Party) and ‘Youngy’ (former webmaster, Heathen Wolves, a division of Woden’s Folk)
Leader?: Neil Hodgkiss
Prominent activists: Clive Calladine and Jim Morgan
Publication: The English Shieldwall (Spring 2010 to present) quarterly newsletter

London Swinton Circle

The London Swinton Circle (LSC) was founded in 1961 by Conservative activists who had attended the Conservative Party’s training school at Swinton Conservative College (the stately home of the former Conservative Cabinet minister the late Earl of Swinton) at Masham, near Ripon, North Yorkshire, and wished to maintain contact through regular meetings in London. The LSC evolved into a patriotic traditional Conservative and Unionist discussion group for devotees of Enoch Powell, known as Powellite Tories. Since the 1990s the Circle has widened its membership, which currently includes members from the UK Independence Party and various nationalist parties such as the BNP and National Front. The LSC is anti-immigration and opposes multiculturalism. It advocates Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. It holds regular monthly meetings in central London and is run by an eight-strong Executive Committee.

Chairman: Allan Barrie Robertson (founder editor, Tough Talking from the Right monthly newsletter, since 1999; member: Bruges Group, The Freedom Association and Get Britain Out; contributing editor, Right Now! magazine, 1997-2004 and chairman, Scottish Monday Club, in the 1980s)
Prominent activist: Sam Swerling (former chairman, Monday Club, 1980-82, and former member: League of Empire Loyalists and BNP)
Membership: claims 70

March for England

Founded 18 February 2007 originally as March for the Flag, it was renamed March for England (MFE) in November 2007. MFE is a non-party, patriotic English nationalist grassroots campaigning organisation. It is anti-immigration, anti-EU and anti-Islamist. MFE has organised an annual St George’s Day march in Brighton since April 2008. This year’s event is to be held on 21 April. MFE activists attended a Stop Islamisation of Europe No Sharia Here! demonstration outside Lambeth Palace, London on 11 September 2008. MFE has close links with the English Defence League and its activists regularly attend southern-based EDL demonstrations. It advertises EDL events on its website. MFE is run by a 12-strong committee. Portsmouth-based.

Co-founders: Joe and one other fan of Tottenham Hotspur FC
Leader: Dave Smeeton, and
Membership: claims 50-100 activists

National Culturists

2013-01-ultra-right conservative and quasi-patriotic organisations-05Founded June 2012 as a nationalist, traditionalist and social conservative movement, the National Culturists (NC) is the first culturist organisation in Britain. It advocates the ideology of national culturism which embraces the preservation of the majority culture of the indigenous British people. The NC is anti-immigration and opposes multiculturalism. It is anti-Islamist and campaigns against the ‘Islamisation of Britain’ and the construction of new mosques. The NC has been inspired by the American founder of the ideology of culturism, Dr John Kenneth Press (author, Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future, 2007 It is actively establishing NC societies on university campuses across the country.

Founder and chairman: Jack Buckby (politics student, University of Liverpool; member, British National Party and webmaster: The New Nationalist blog, who addressed a meeting in Cheshire of the Alliance of European National Movements on 24 July 2012)
Treasurer: Matthew Penny
Director of Communications: Emmerson Collier (student, University of Birmingham; co-ordinator, Young Patriots League, youth wing of Britain First, since 2012 and former BNP activist)
North West Regional Organiser: Craig Cooke (member, British Freedom Party) and
Patriotic Forum

Founded 1985 in Durban, South Africa as an ad hoc umbrella organisation of neo-imperialist patriotic organisations and publications, the Forum advocates the re-establishment of white rule throughout the African continent. It is pro-apartheid (separate development) and opposes multiculturalism. London-based, since 1990, it comprises the following organisations:

Springbok Club (SC) aka Empire Loyalist Club (ELC). Founded 12 June 1996 by the merger of the White Rhino Club (WRC) (II) (founded in London in 1992) and the Rhodesian Forum (founded in London in the late 1980s by Kevin Puttock). The SC is a cultural organisation for white Southern African expatriates. It is chaired by Alan D. Harvey and run by an Executive Committee.

Chairman: Alan D. Harvey (founder Swinton Circle; former Chairman, London Swinton Circle; member, National Front, 1974-1975, who has declared: “We see ourselves as the nucleus of the South African resistance movement in exile” – Africa News, 15 December 2000)
Publications: South African Patriot in Exile (1991-present) magazine formerly South African Patriot (1980-1987) (bi-monthly) magazine of the original Durban-based WRC (I).

Quarterly Review

Launched Spring 2007 as the successor to Right Now! magazine (October 1993-November/December 2006), the Quarterly Review is a cultural and political quasi-intellectual journal of the traditionalist non-aligned right. The autumn 2012 issue was the last to be printed in hard copy: future issues will be web-only.

2013-01-ultra-right conservative and quasi-patriotic organisations-04Founder and editor: Derek Andrew Turner (editorial committee member, Alternative Right; former Editor, Right Now! magazine, 1995-2006 and leader, Social Action Initiative, an Irish neo-Nazi organisation, in the 1980s)

Shieldwall – National Welfare Association

Founded 6 October 2012 as a civil liberties legal defence association for British nationalists and patriots, the National Welfare Association is a front organisation for the BNP. It aims to provide legal advice and raise funds for nationalist activists prosecuted for their political beliefs.

St George’s Committee

Founded May 1999 as an English nationalist cultural campaigning organisation. The non-party St George’s Committee (SGC) co-ordinates a national network of local community English patriots’ associations across the country. It promotes English heritage, culture and identity. The SGC is run by a steering committee and works closely with the National Liberal Party/Third Way. Hornchurch-based.

Founder: Graham Williamson (former chairman, Third Way; co-director, English Lobby, 2004-06 and deputy chairman, National Front, 1980s)
Publication: St George’s Herald (2003?-) newsletter

The Steadfast Trust

Founded 26 April 2004 as the first and only registered charity which campaigns specifically for the ethnic (or indigenous) English community, the non-party Steadfast Trust (ST) aims to protect and promote the culture, heritage, identity, legal rights and welfare of the indigenous English community. It encourages the establishment of local English Community Groups (ECG) on the model of the inaugural ECG (Leicester) and it has published guidelines for setting up a local ECG. The ST seeks to establish an informal national network of branches across England. It established two charitable arms, the Ethnic English Trust (EET) and the Wycliffe Trust, from 2005-2007. The Macclesfield, Cheshire-based ST is run by a group of trustees.

Founder and Secretary: Jane Stanley Phillips (solicitor), 2004-2006
Chairman: Clive Potter (former president, Solidarity trade union)
Secretary: Julien Thomas Crighton (member, English Democrats Party and owner, We Are The, since 2006
Other trustees: Lynn Chorley (complementary therapist), Shelly Marie Donohoe, Tim Hawke (former vice-president, Solidarity union) and Mark Taylor (visionary artist)
Former trustees: Tony Clifford Linsell (publisher; former chairman, English Independence Party and co-founder, Steadfast journal), Paul Graham Marson, Stephen John Pollington and Steven Whateley and
Publication: Newsletter (June 2008-present) (bi-momnthly)

Swinton Circle

Founded 17 January 2009 as a breakaway from the London Swinton Circle (LSC), the Swinton Circle is a patriotic Conservative discussion forum. It is anti-immigration and encourages non-Britons to repatriate to their countries of ethnic origin. The SC organises regular meetings in central London. It is run by an Executive Committee.

Founder and Chairman: Alan D. Harvey (founder, Patriotic Forum; former Editor, South African Patriot magazine, 1980-1987; member, National Front, 1974-1975; chairman, London Swinton Circle, 2007-October 2008, when he was expelled from the LSC)

Traditional Britain Group

Founded January 2001 as the successor to the ultra-right Western Goals Institute (WGI) – originally known as Western Goals (UK) – which was founded on 6 May 1985 as the British offshoot of the US-based Western Goals Foundation (WGF), a private domestic intelligence agency founded in 1979 by the late Democratic Congressman Larry McDonald (former chairman, John Birch Society, who was killed on Korean Airlines flight KAL007, shot down by Russia in September 1983). Western Goals (UK) was renamed the WGI in 1989.

2013-01-ultra-right conservative and quasi-patriotic organisations-03The Traditional Britain Group (TBG) was re-launched in 2010 under a new younger generation of activists. It is a traditional conservative and nationalist quasi-intellectual organisation and think-tank, which claims to represent the traditionalist Conservative school of thought. It is anti-immigration and opposed to multiculturalism. The TBG aims to be a focal point and bridgehead between the ultra-right of the Conservative Party and strands of British nationalism. It seeks to establish a broad patriotic conservative network of traditionalist conservative and nationalist organisations in the UK in order to create a radical conservative alternative political movement.

The TBG aims to pool resources and disseminate radical conservative ideas more effectively by using the internet and new social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) to recruit members and appeal to like-minded individuals and organisations. The TBG has established several local groups across the country (Bath and Wiltshire, Chester, Gloucestershire, London, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Northumberland, Yorkshire, the Wirral and North East Wales). It is run by a six-strong executive committee.

The TBG organised an Enoch Powell Centenary Dinner in central London on 16 June 2012 in commemoration of the centenary of Powell’s birth. The TBG had a stand at the UKIP annual conference in Birmingham on 21-22 September 2012. It also organised a joint conference with the Quarterly Review journal in London on 20 October 2012 entitled “Another Country: is there a future for Tradition?”.

2013-01-ultra-right conservative and quasi-patriotic organisations-01President: Lord (Merlin) Sudeley (former chairman, Conservative Monday Club, 1994-2008; former patron and vice-president, Western Goals Institute; and who is reputed to believe that the abolition of slavery was a mistake) since 2011
Vice-president and treasurer: Gregory M. S. Lauder-Frost (member, UKIP; former vice-president, Western Goals Institute, 1989-2000; political secretary, Conservative Monday Club, 1987-1992; former steering committee member, Conservative Democratic Alliance. His name was on the leaked BNP membership list but he denies membership, saying he only contacted the party to request a publication.)
Chairman: Louis Welcomme (aka Louis James)
Secretary: Liam Stokes
Other executive committee members: Calum Sebastian Rupert Heaton-Gent (vice-president, Conservative Friends of Central Asia, since 2012), Henry Hopwood-Phillips, George Jones, Leigh Zouga Quilter and David Soutter (executive committee member, Conservative Friends of Central Asia, since 2012; former Chief of Staff and campaign director, Veritas Party, 2005 and deputy regional campaign manager for Wales, Referendum Party, 1995-1997) and

United British Alliance (UBA)

Founded spring 2004 as a British nationalist grassroots organisation, the United British Alliance (UBA) campaigns against the ‘Islamisation of Britain’ and the introduction of Sharia law. It attracts support from various football hooligan ‘firms’. UBA activists attended a Stop Islamisation of Europe No Sharia Here! demonstration outside Lambeth Palace, London on 11 September 2008. and

We Are The

Founded 2001 as a patriotic English nationalist forum and online merchandise retailer. We Are The promotes English culture, heritage and identity. It has close links with the Steadfast Trust (ST).

Co-organisers: Julien Crighton (Secretary, Steadfast Trust and member, English Democrats Party) and Lee Simon Ingram (Spokesman, English Community Group Leicester; member, English People’s Party; former Chairman, Leicester English Democrats Party, and who organised an English Immigration Referendum e-petition on the No 10 Downing Street website)

Workers of England Union

Founded 23 June 2009 as an independent English nationalist trade union, the Workers of England Union claims to be unaffiliated to any political party or movement but is a front for the English Democrats Party. It seeks to protect, support and represent the rights of all working people in England and has pledged to campaign for English workers against cheap foreign labour. It campaigns for the establishment of an English Parliament. The WEU is run by an executive council.

Founder and former Chairman: Ed Abrams (founder, Justice for England and former national council member, English Democrats Party)
President: Eddie J. Bone (chairman, Campaign for an English Parliament and member, English Democrats Party) since 2009
General-Secretary: Carleton T. Maflin (member, English Democrats Party) since 2009
Publication: Newsletter
Membership: under 1,000

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