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Editorial: A busy year ahead

As Searchlight goes to press, Marine Le Pen has just had her hopes of electoral success in the French regional elections dashed. Her far-right National Front (FN) party came first in six of the 13 regions in the first round of voting, but a huge turnout of socialist and centre right voters determined to keep the fascist party out, and tactical alliances between the mainstream parties, in the second round on 13 December ensured the FN’s decisive defeat.

The FN had hoped to gain support for its anti-immigration stance following the horrific ISIL terror attacks in Paris a month earlier. That it did not is tribute to the sense and democratic commitment of French voters who know a fascist when they see one. Le Pen immediately condemned the other parties’ “manipulation” of the electoral system to gang up against the FN. We say that’s democracy in action at its best: people across the political spectrum coming together to stop the fascists and stand up for decency and humanity. The FN came third, though the 28% of the overall vote it obtained is worrying.

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Nazi London Forum hosts fundraiser for terrorist

Despite the typically disgraceful opportunist efforts of their leaders, none of the best known British racist and fascist movements are likely to benefit from the tragic events in Paris. The British National Party, National Front and English Defence League all remain in terminal decline, suffering from poor leadership, criminality and personality splits.

The more intellectual side of British neo-Nazism, however, is more dangerous than its size would suggest. A detailed analysis of meetings and other activities during the past few months demonstrates growing ties to some of Europe’s most virulent extremists. Ultra-right Catholics and pagans, antisemites and Islamophobes, thuggish criminals and those with a veneer of academic respectability – all have passed through London and shared platforms in some of the capital’s most exclusive hotels.

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Foreign Office rush to privatisation opens door to Jew-haters

Anyone prompted to examine official Foreign Office historical publications can no longer find them in pdf format on the Foreign Office website.

Their online publication has now been “privatised” to a website called

Founded in Denmark in 2006, has expanded to become one of the most highly regarded sites in the world, with a headquarters in Silicon Valley and more than US$20 million of investment.

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Far right exploit Islamist terror attack

In the days following the horrific ISIL terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November, far-right politicians throughout Europe were quick to call for borders to be closed and an end to the acceptance of people fleeing war and persecution in Syria and elsewhere.

Just two months earlier, 100,000 people marched in London in support of giving a welcome to refugees, with similar rallies taking place in several European capitals.

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NSU woman makes ‘pathetic’ apology for failing to prevent racist killings

The sole survivor of a neo-Nazi terror cell has denied involvement in any of the killings but says she regrets failing to stop her two comrades from carrying them out.

The trio, who called themselves the National Socialist Underground, allegedly killed eight men of Turkish background, one Greek man and a policewoman across Germany between 2000 and 2009.

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