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Editorial: The building of a political, financial and paramilitary fifth column in Britain

The past year has been a very eventful one for the enemy. Some people think using the term “enemy” to describe the far right is a bit over the top, but the reality is that these people are the enemies not only of black people, Muslims, Jews, Roma and the LGBT community, but of every decent person in this country.

It has obviously been great seeing how our long-ago prediction that the English Defence League would collapse has proved correct. The city slickers who initiated and funded it have vanished or, more worryingly, moved on into organisations such as the Traditional Britain Group (TGB). When we forecast the demise of the EDL we warned of the arrival on the scene of a dozen or so smaller groups out of the same mould, made up of people who had marched with the EDL but who had come from an extreme right political background. These people are causing violent trouble around the country.

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From Russia with hate

I was at an anti-fascist meeting recently and was asked by a pensioner: “What the hell is President Putin playing at?” He was right to ask and it was his question that prompted this article. Putin’s regime, and in particular his treatment of political opponents, has become increasingly autocratic and undemocratic. He has gone out of his way to silence the critics of his political and financial dealings and the corruption that runs through the country he rules.

His critics in the media started to suffer unfortunate “accidents”, some fatal, with the result that the Russian media became scared to speak out. Russia, and the Soviet Union up until its dissolution in December 1991, was always referred to as the Motherland. Suddenly under Putin, it is described as Fatherland. Perhaps during his years running the KGB in East Germany, something rubbed off on him.

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Far-right international conferences in 2014

European and US far-right organisations have held an increasing number of international meetings and conferences in recent months. It is no coincidence that that the majority of these events featured representatives from Russia: for several years the Kremlin has been cooperating with the European far right in order to undermine liberal democracy in the European Union and weaken transatlantic cooperation.

Although the party political far right seems far from taking power in most EU countries, the growing support for anti-EU parties, especially in France and Hungary, elates President Vladimir Putin’s right-wing authoritarian kleptocratic regime, which is interested in further growth of the anti-democratic forces in the West. A recent developments in this area is a multi-million loan provided by one of the banks close to Putin’s regime to the French National Front (FN). Marine Le Pen, leader of the FN, will most likely make it to the second round of the presidential election in 2017, so Moscow’s support for the French far right seems like a long-term investment.

2014-05-winter-far-right international conferences-01


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From Godfrey Bloom to National Action: The Talking Shops of the Far Right

Over the past few months, we have continued to see the political scene to the right of the Conservative Party dominated by the rise of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Its latest success in Rochester is a standout example of its continued dominance. Meanwhile, to its right, we see various marginalised groups still fostering debate among themselves, and to a limited degree developing wider activities. This includes in the assorted, regularised forums where people from a variety of far right organisations gather to share ideas.

This article will focus on these events, as a cluster of them now tends to develop towards the end of each year. It will reflect on the levels of continuity and friction found within them too. Such regularised gatherings currently include the conferences of the Traditional Britain Group, the bi-monthly IONA London Forum, and the annual John Tyndall memorial meeting. At these events, a more radical agenda to that offered by the larger, populist right party, UKIP, is being discussed. However, aside from agreeing that Nigel Farage is stealing their thunder, the ideologies and influences found in these forums are very varied and often incompatible, taking inspiration from ideas spanning libertarianism and open neo-Nazism. So ideologically, the picture is one of underlying fragmentation, yet much of the talk is about finding unity.

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State of the far right 2015

As we enter a general election year, the British far right is facing disaster at the ballot box. The coming election will be the worst for British fascists since 1987: neither of the two best known far-right parties – the British National Party and the National Front – will run serious campaigns. Both the BNP and the NF are sinking under an accumulated dead weight of legal disputes and internal schism.

Two of the newer parties – Britain First and the British Democratic Party – will have perhaps a dozen general election candidates between them. Neither has yet established itself as a serious successor to the collapsing BNP.

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